Press release - Jalios launches JNLP to enable sovereign alternatives to ChatGPT in Digital Workplaces

Le Chesnay – July, 20th 2023

Jalios, France's leading provider of Cloud and On-Premise Intranet and Digital Workplace solutions, has been making organizations more efficient and everyone's work more fulfilling for 20 years.

Its latest innovation, JNLP, enables users to leverage generative AI and LLM, taking advantage of the capabilities of ChatGPT, OpenAI but also other sovereign solutions such as Gladia and NLP Cloud to make the solution efficient and respectful of user data.


Useful innovation at the heart of product development


With the rise of teleworking, numerous software applications have appeared to enable remote collaboration, sometimes resulting in uses that are ill-suited to, and integrated with, existing systems, thus creating new problems. By promoting useful innovation, Jalios, France's leading Intranet and Digital Workplace software publisher, simplifies collaborative working and communication within companies. Useful innovation is about solving the problems faced by users, not just developing new uses. Thanks to its collaborative platform, which includes all the tools needed to meet business needs, Jalios offers innovation in use, rather than just technological innovation. In this way, Jalios limits the obsolescence of information and tools through collective intelligence. Because useful innovation also means optimizing the resources consumed by employees for responsible digital use, in particular by offering functionalities that adapt to users' needs. It is with this in mind that the company is developing its JNLP application, which enables users to gain in efficiency on a daily basis thanks to generative AI.


Access to versatile, high-performance AI solutions for everyday use


JNLP provides access to several LLMs (Large Language Models), as part of the wave of artificial intelligence solutions that has swept the IT industry in recent years. Based on real-life use cases, JNLP offers solutions to common business situations. JNLP offers automatic generation of document summaries. Users save time by quickly discovering whether a document might be of interest to them. The tool can also assist users in writing content. By typing a single general sentence on a theme, the AI can generate a first draft. The writer then takes over to personalize it by developing and reformulating it, a task in which the AI can also provide assistance.

JNLP can also classify documents, files and video transcripts, and suggest keywords. The tool is also capable of generating transcriptions and subtitles for videos or videoconference meeting recordings. In the case of companies with international employees, JNLP can streamline exchanges by translating all necessary documents. Some companies can also use it to validate the management of training courses, with the creation of quizzes, for example.


A sovereign tool for mission-critical applications

LLMs are useful, but organizations are wary of data management issues. Using these solutions means exposing potentially critical information. What's special about JNLP is that it lets organizations choose which LLM tools they want to use. They can connect to ChatGPT, the OpenAI solution, but also to tools from French vendors such as Gladia and NLP Cloud. In addition to being designed and developed in France, the latter guarantee data confidentiality and even offer On-Premise operation. In this way, data is processed by AI within the organization's network.


All these functions and connectors can be parameterized in JNLP, so you can choose which functions to offer, to which population of the organization, for which data and with which suppliers. In this way, the JNLP application encourages the use of generative AI in a way that is both useful and responsible. JNLP is already available to Jalios customers who wish to test it before its official release scheduled for the end of 2023.


« For 20 years, our conviction has always been to innovate usefully to provide concrete, high-performance answers to our users' problems. With JNLP, we offer our customers a flexible, integrated solution for the Digital Workplace, enabling them to save time thanks to the growing capabilities of generative AI. And, above all, we enable our customers to retain full control over it, since it is a sovereign solution. » Explains Olivier Dedieu, Technical Director and co-founder of Jalios.



About Jalios

French leader for 20 years on the Cloud and On-Premise Intranet and Digital Workplace market, Jalios supports its customers in making their organization more efficient and everyone's work more fulfilling, whether in the office, at home, in the field or on the move.

Its solution, Jalios Workplace, creates links and enables cross-functional, sustainable collaboration.  It comes in 3 ready-to-use editions to provide a complete, natively collaborative digital work environment (chat, videoconferencing, office automation, EDM, communities, etc.), adapted to its customers' technology base. The Microsoft 365 edition and the Google edition optimize and complement the use of these suites. The Liberty edition is a sovereign alternative.

By unifying communication, collaboration and knowledge management, the solution gives employees, partners, customers, members and suppliers the means to work and succeed together. Modular, extensible and highly customizable, the solution is used by customers not only for their social and mobile Intranet and Digital Workplace, but also Extranet, Social Network, collaborative platform, document and knowledge management, and Digital Learning.

Awarded the "Numérique Responsable" (Responsible Digital) label, Jalios now employs nearly 80 people who are curious about and passionate about innovation, and relies on a network of recognized partners to support more than 450 customers, from SMEs to major accounts, in the public, private and non-profit sectors, including: Caisse des Dépôts, SFR Business, Keolis, La Redoute, Système U, the French Ministry of Labor, the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity, MACIF, the Yves Rocher Group, and numerous SMEs, ETIs, cities, départements and regions.


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