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Gladia for JNLP (JLab)

Gladia provides a fast and accurate way to turn data into valuable knowledge — from audio to knowledge!.

Gladia is a JNLP provider module. Its integration with JNLP allows users to benefit several advantages:

  • Save your teams time by using the transcription of your audio data thanks to our extremely precise transcription (error per word from 1% depending on the language); and available in less than a minute.
  • Give another sense to your reports by making your transcriptions readable thanks to the separation of the interlocutors. You will finally know who said what during your video meetings! Detecting the main actions to be carried out, the objectives, the blocking points becomes child's play.
  • Increase your productivity by making it easy for your international colleagues to understand each other. Our Live transcription solution translates the spoken words live regardless of the language used. We automatically understand, transcribe, translate and detect 99 languages, even if the language used changes within the audio content (live or asynchronous).
  • Increase the impact and readability of your video content with worthy subtitles! Our time stamping is extremely efficient.
  • Enhance your teams skills and improve the quality of service by using call transcription as a working basis. Check if the key steps are followed during calls from your reception agents. Analyze the successes and areas for improvement of each call to improve the reception and support of your customers.
  • Add value to your audio archives by exploiting them for their fair value. Transcribing your content will ultimately allow you to generate keywords, index and easily find your data.

Gladia supports a range of tasks in audio processing using artificial intelligence. Here are the main features:

  • Ultra-fast asynchronous transcription (1 hour of audio transcribed within less a minute) and extremely precise (error rate per word from 1% depending on the language);
  • Live Transcription;
  • Automatic recognition of 99 languages;
  • Ability to change language within the same audio file or Live (“code-switching”);
  • Translation into the language of your choice;
  • Separation of interlocutors;
  • Word-level timestamps;
  • Plug-and-play API to simply integrate in a few lines of code;
  • SaaS solution hosted in France (GDPR compliant).

Customers appreciate the accuracy of transcription, ease of integration, and the ability to automatically detect languages ​​even when speakers switch between languages ​​during an event or conversation (this which we call "code-switching").

User verbatim:

“This is the first time we have been able to transcribe a video with such precision and speed, even when the conversation is technical. Whatever the language or accent, the quality is always there.” - ROBIN BONDUELLE, CEO of Claap

Jean-Louis Quéguiner, former Vice President of Data, AI and Quantum Computing at OVHcloud, founded Gladia to make cutting-edge AI tools and research accessible to any developer.
Since then, Gladia's initial mission has expanded to meet a larger market need. Namely, up to 90% of enterprise audio data currently remains unused.