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NLP Cloud for JNLP (JLab)

NLP Cloud is an artificial intelligence platform that provides its users with an access to numerous AI models through an API. NLP Cloud is also possible to train your own AI models.

NLP Cloud is a provider of JNLP module. The NLP Cloud API emphasize on data privacy and the quality of users support. Queries made by users are neither read nor stored by NLP Cloud. Simple and robust, NLP Cloud enables you to use the most advanced generative AI engines.

NLP Cloud is an API that enables a wide range of text processing and generation tasks using AI. Here are some main features:

  • Classification
  • Entity extraction
  • Chatbots
  • Text summarization
  • Code generation
  • Translation
  • And much more!

Users appreciate the quality of support and the robustness of the service, allowing them to use NLP Cloud confidently and safely. 

NLP Cloud was built in 2020, in Grenoble (France) with a simple vision in mind: making it easy for anyone to use the best AI models in production for text understanding and text generation.