JPartner 2024, the Jalios partner event : another great success for this second edition

This year's JPartner was once again a real success, with a great program and a good number of participants who answered the call! The event brought together our partners at the Comet Bourse, Paris, for a second successful edition.
On the programme: dynamic exchanges, enriching meetings and lively discussions on the issues and challenges faced by our customers. The aim ? Strengthen the links between our partners and Jalios, foster a human and intelligent ecosystem, share our strategy and win more together by conquering new territories around sectors, uses and businesses.
We look forward to a great morning !

An ecosystem of over 100 partners

This year, we're proud to have reached 100 Jalios partners, 120% growth! ! Partnerships and synergies are growing stronger, and it's with great pleasure that we once again welcome our new partners to the Jalios ecosystem:  Manaika, OVH Cloud, Tribu, Inetum, Ourouk, Manaslu Ing, TNP, Hyland, Babel, Streamlike, Lighton, Allonia, Amallte, Blueway, Digdash, CXP, Efficy, OneTelecom and others.
A great dynamic that was reflected on Linkedin with numerous posts from our partners : 

mceclip0 - 2024-07-05 16h18m28s

Promising news and prospects

The JPartner is an opportunity to deepen our discussions and reflections on how best to meet the communication and collaboration challenges facing today's organisations, alongside our integrator, technology and consulting partners.
At the same time, partners were able to find out about the latest news from Jalios, our ambitions and strategic directions, as well as our innovations and our vision for generative AI, as presented by Vincent Bouthors, CEO of Jalios, and Nicolas Turlay, Director of Partnerships.
 Emmanuel Douaud, Product Director at Jalios, also presented the brand new Jalios product !

Great testimonials on our collective successes

The morning was a rich one for sharing, with great customer feedback and case studies presented by Jalios partners :
  • Lionel Tirant, Sales Director and Salvatore Azzaro, Practice Manager Digital Workplace at Orange Business, who spoke about the support and implementation of the Cosmobilis group's intranet project, ByMyCar.
  • Amine Bedjaoui, Project Manager at Klee Group, who explained how they are supporting the French National Authority for Health (HAS) with the integration of Qualiscope, formerly ScopeSanté, into the HAS's Jalios Workplace website.
  • Phillipe Charron, Sales Manager and Guillet Gildas, Offer Manager at ASI, who shared with us a usage and sector approach with the testimonial of MGEN/Compass, with a tailor-made Digital Workplace of a knowledge base extended to shop portals.
  • Jean-Guillaume Buvry, Director of Digiwin Nantes, and Thomas Basaran, Director of Delivery at Digiwin, who shared with us their experience of the Digital Workplace with an "Education" vertical offer approach adopted by the Catholic University of Lyon.
  • Guillaume Jacobelli, Founder and CEO of Wisen, and David Corgier, Managing Director of Manuslu ing, who showed us how the Assit'Bat platform has become the tool used to help manage building projects at Manaslu.

Jalios' Partner awards to celebrate the champions of our ecosystem

Finally, the event was also an opportunity to celebrate a number of successes. Six Jalios' Partner Awards were presented to reward partners for their outstanding actions and successes in 2023-2024.


mceclip0 - 2024-07-05 16h05m30s

Orange Business, pour la catégorie Business Upsell

mceclip0 - 2024-07-03 14h03m47s

mceclip1 - 2024-07-05 16h06m19s

Digiwin Groupe TRSb, pour la catégorie Business Performance

mceclip1 - 2024-07-03 14h04m24s

mceclip6 - 2024-07-05 16h09m35s

Atol Conseil & Développements, pour la catégorie Business Progression

mceclip2 - 2024-07-03 14h04m52s


mceclip3 - 2024-07-05 16h07m04s

Wisen, pour la catégorie


mceclip3 - 2024-07-03 14h05m14s


mceclip4 - 2024-07-05 16h07m19s

ASI, pour la catégorie


mceclip4 - 2024-07-03 14h05m34s


mceclip5 - 2024-07-05 16h07m33s

Klee Group, pour la catégorie Direction

de projet

mceclip5 - 2024-07-03 14h05m56s


Thank you to all our Jalios partners - integrators, publishers, cloud hosting providers and consultants - for all the great successes!
"There are many opportunities for collaboration that will enable Jalios and all its partners to grow. The needs of organisations are increasingly complex and specific, and each partner often brings complementary expertise to the table". - Nicolas Turlay, Jalios Partner Manager


See you next year !
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