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Extend the reach of your Intranet with the Classifieds module!

Would your employees like to sell and buy items they no longer need? At the frontier between business and personal life, these exchanges help to create and maintain team cohesion and dynamics.

When redesigning your Intranet, don't neglect this classified ads service, which helps out and creates a link between employees, a link outside the professional context that makes relations more human and facilitates interactions in a professional context!

Version 1.4 offers a new UX and new features: 

  • Photo display in lightbox mode
  • Possibility of adding category sections in the sidebar
  • Addition of a "pen" button to modify ad content, with access to the Front Office form
  • Addition of a "Contact by chat" button to start an instant conversation directly with the ad's author
  • New ad types added in the "good deals" and "donations" sections (checking "yes" to the donation question removes the price section)
  • Multiple category selection
  • Possibility of translating ads into the selected language via the Jtranslate button
  • Addition of a breadcrumb trail

All in all, Classifields meets the classic needs of classified ad publishing and matchmaking:

  • Publication of offers and requests
  • Title, description, category, price and photo gallery
  • Geolocation and expiration date
  • Search by text, category, type and price range
  • Sort and filter search results
  • Contact the advertiser by email or webchat
  • Mobile app access

What our customers like

  • Perfectly integrated into the Digital Workplace

Classifieds are seamlessly integrated into the Digital Workplace. They can be accessed from the application launcher for a global view of all classified ads. Classified ads appear in the activity flow of the space where they are created. It's both structured and easy to use!

  • Ease of use

With this Classifieds module, supplied and supported by Jalios, there's no need for specific development or deployment of a dedicated solution to meet this widespread and popular business need.