The end of Facebook Workplace: why Meta is discontinuing its platform and opting for Jalios Workplace?

Meta Workplace will be withdrawn from the market in October 2025, leaving many companies looking for a solution for their corporate social network. Are you looking for a replacement for Meta Workplace? You're right to start early. It's essential not to rush into anything, and to make the choice that best suits your needs.

In this article, we explain why Meta is discontinuing its platform and the benefits of switching your employees from Meta Workplace to Jalios Workplace. 


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Why is Meta killing its Workplace platform?

Launched 10 years ago, Workplace presented itself as a competitor to Google Spaces and Microsoft Teams for boosting internal communication, based on the concepts of Facebook and Messenger. However, the product was not profitable enough for Meta, as Facebook's parent company justified shutting down Meta to refocus on AI. The company had also bet heavily on Metavers at the time of the pandemic.

Beyond profitability, the market has also evolved considerably, and the needs of businesses are different from those of a mass-market social network, which made Facebook such a success. Although Workplace will be phased out smoothly, with free, read-only access from September 1, 2025 to May 31, 2026, organizations need to anticipate the migration to another solution, and perhaps take the opportunity to reconsider how they address their internal communication needs.


What are the alternatives to Meta Workplace?

A first solution could be to consider Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace. Although very relevant for certain specific uses, these solutions also have their limits: designed around videoconferencing and instant messaging, these solutions offer internal communication that relies mainly on individual information flows.

More comprehensive and evolutive Digital Workplace solutions, such as Jalios, maintain this social network dynamic, while benefiting from more structured communication and integration with the tools of the employee's digital work environment. It's not just about creating social links, it's about offering a genuine useful and efficient employee experience, to support all employees in their day-to-day work.


Better than Meta Workplace: get everyone on board with Jalios Workplace

Jalios is a collaborative and internal communications platform offering a wide range of functionalities to meet all corporate needs. It offers a more engaging user experience, from the Intranet to the Digital Workplace, thanks to a single access point that addresses all users, wherever they are, and corresponds to all usage habits, in a multi-generational context or with varied digital appetence.

  • Internal communication: videoconferencing, team messaging, virtual offices, news, blog posts, event promotion, newsletters, employee advocacy...
  • Collaboration: corporate social network, project spaces, conversations, suggestion boxes, FAQ, document sharing, external access, Mindmap...
  • Efficiency: project planning, monitoring and reporting tools, electronic signatures, process dematerialization, attendance management, central notification, unified search, shared notes...
  • Knowledge management: collaborative EDM, photo galleries, gamification, quizzes, guided tours, e-learning, collaborative monitoring...


communication efficacité connaissance collaboration - jalios intranet 


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Switch from Meta Workplace to Jalios Workplace for secure, responsible data management

The Jalios solution is aligned with the highest security standards on the market. With Jalios, your data remains under your control. Unlike other solutions, Jalios guarantees the sovereignty of your information thanks to servers hosted in France, in compliance with European data protection regulations (RGPD). 

To meet its customers' requirements in terms of sovereignty, security and Digital Responsibility, Jalios is committed in particular through certifications, such as the ANSSI's first-level certification (the only CSPN solution on this market), by being listed in the GouvTech catalog, by designing offers that incorporate RGPD regulations. 

sécurité rgpd numerique responsable rgaa - jalios intranet 

Jalios Workplace achieved an RGAA compliance score of almost 70% in its latest audit. Jalios has been awarded the Level 2 Responsible Digital label, and is also committed to reducing the impact of digital technology by supporting more responsible, reasoned communication and collaboration practices on a daily basis.


Why make the transition to Jalios now?

Support and assistance

Our support team dedicated to migration from Facebook is available to assist you at any time. Depending on the amount of content to be transferred, we also work with numerous partners who have already completed many migrations. Finally, take advantage of continuous training to optimize the use of Jalios within your organization.


Multiple integration options to match existing systems

Jalios can be integrated with a wide range of external tools (CRM, ERP, etc.) to cover all business needs and uses. The Jalios solution is ready to use, whatever your information system: Jalios Workplace comes in 3 editions to provide a complete, natively collaborative, open and interoperable digital work environment. The editions dedicated to Microsoft 365 and Google optimize and complement the use of these suites. The Liberty edition is an independent alternative. The solution extends to Extranet, Social Network, collaborative platform, document management, knowledge management and e-learning needs.


An AI-enhanced employee experience

IA Générative jalios  

Integrated into the collaborative platform, generative AI facilitates collaboration and internal communication by instantly responding to employees' current needs, such as summarizing, researching or transcribing a document. AI will reduce the time it can take an employee to search for information or complete a task, enabling them to be more efficient. Perfectly integrated into the Intranet or Digital Workplace, artificial intelligence simply offers a smoother, more efficient day-to-day employee experience.


They trust us, why shouldn't you?

Jalios relies on a network of recognized partners to support more than 460 customers, from SMEs to major accounts, in the public, private and associative sectors, including: Caisse des Dépôts, SFR Business, La Redoute, Système U, the Ministry of Labor, the Interministerial Digital Department, MACIF, the Yves Rocher Group, numerous SMEs, ETIs, towns, departments and regions.


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Christelle Hayet, Collaborative tools project manager at Groupe Briand

« Boost enables us to interact more effectively on common issues: we can easily share, exchange and co-edit a wide range of documents within a department, between departments or between subsidiaries. »

Maxime Poux,  Head of Communications at Ginger CEBTP 

« The main benefits of the platform Mutual support network, better identification between employees, efficiency and productivity. »

Anne Taupin, IT Project Manager, Savoie Department

« [Jalios platform] fosters both top-down and collaborative communication, with collaborative spaces and forums for exchanges between agents. »



Explore new uses for your employees! The closure of Meta is an opportunity for companies to rethink their collaborative projects and explore new uses for their employees. Jalios, with its rich functionality and customization, is the ideal partner for this process.

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