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Streamline your recruitment process with the Recruitment app: collaborative, intuitive, and efficient!

The recruitment process is often complex and time-consuming, characterized by scattered candidate management, lack of transparency in information exchange, and challenges in coordinating involved teams.

Companies require an efficient solution to centralize candidate management, foster collaboration between recruiters and teams, and ensure smooth recruitment process tracking.

The recruitment application provides a centralized platform to create detailed job postings, collaboratively manage and track candidate progress. It streamlines communication between recruiters and team members while offering complete visibility into candidate status and simplifying interview scheduling through calendar integration.

The Recruitment app transforms your recruitment process with a collaborative and streamlined approach:

  • Comprehensive job posting creation: generate detailed job descriptions specifying department, duties, and desired profile, facilitating the selection of suitable candidates.
  • Centralized candidate management: consolidate all received applications, associating them with corresponding positions. Attached documents such as CVs and cover letters are viewable within the app, simplifying candidate evaluation.
  • Transparent collaboration: effectively involve team members in the recruitment process. They can review candidate skills, exchange feedback, and schedule interviews, contributing to informed collective decision-making.
  • Smooth candidate tracking: organize and track the flow of applications with an intuitive view in the form of an interactive list of business cards, providing complete visibility into the status of each application.
  • Calendar integration: streamline interview scheduling by integrating the app with your calendar, ensuring efficient appointment management.

In summary, the Recruitment app facilitates every stage of the recruitment process, from creating job postings to hiring selected candidates, while offering a comprehensive and user-friendly view of recruitment progress.

What our customers like:

  • Centralized information on one platform

"The Recruitment module from Jalios has truly been a game-changer for our team. Previously, we were overwhelmed with managing applications, with CVs getting lost in our email inboxes and struggling to track the progress of each recruitment process."

  • An overview of our applications

"What I appreciate the most is the transparency and clarity it brings to our recruitment process. We can see at a glance where each application stands, which interviews have been scheduled, and where each candidate stands in the selection process."