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Gain efficient information flow management on your Digital Workplace with these benefits:

Save Time: Utilize the Reading List module (JReading) to gather content for later reading, avoiding interruptions and enabling timely reading during your free moments.

Share with a click: Easily add pages to your reading list directly from your browser using the extension available for Chrome and Firefox, simplifying sharing and subsequent access to relevant content.

Discover other key features of JReading for an advanced management of your Digital Workplace experience:

  • Smart Filtering: customize your reading preferences by setting up intelligent filters to receive only the most relevant content, optimizing your research time.
  • Multi-Device Sync: access your reading list from any connected device for seamless reading continuity, allowing you to effortlessly switch between devices while keeping your saved content intact.
  • Annotations and Bookmarks: add annotations and bookmarks to your content for easy organization and retrieval of important information, providing you with better management and quick access to crucial data.
  • Sharing: collaborate with your colleagues by directly sharing content from your reading list, fostering idea exchange and discussion on relevant topics for your team or organization.

With JReading, you maximize the efficiency of your research and enhance collaboration within your team.

What our customers like:

  • Save & Read Later

"With JReading, I've finally found an effective solution for organizing my readings. The Reading List feature is a real asset. It allows me to save interesting articles and documents I find on our Digital Workplace without interrupting my activities to read them immediately."