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Supercharge your team's efficiency with the 'Mind Maps' app: the perfect solution to organize and visualize your ideas and projects!

Unleash creativity and clarity in your thoughts and projects with mind maps: an intuitive method to capture and structure ideas in various forms such as text, drawings or images.

Empower your teams with a tool that guides them through every stage of their projects, establishing a clear overview and structuring the details. With the 'Mind Maps' application, simplify project comprehension, where each step is represented by a branch, further decomposed into sub-branches for more details.

The "Mind Maps" application, available in mobile version, offers a mind map management space displaying all mind maps with the ability to:

  • Display either individual mind maps or all mind maps
  • Navigate within the maps
  • Search for a map and filter by text search, author, and date
  • Add a map by importing an existing map in freemind format or by creating a new map with the opening of a form
  • Change the template

Users can edit a mind map and access features such as:

  • Adding, deleting, renaming, or moving a node
  • Displaying a dashboard within a collaborative space to showcase the latest published maps
  • Modifying the style of a node (text color, background color, font size)
  • Adding smileys, notes, links, etc.
  • Displaying a modal window listing available keyboard shortcuts
  • Moving by drag and drop
  • Undo or redo actions
  • Exporting to freemind format and capturing the mind map
  • Zooming, zooming out, and displaying in full screen
  • Unified insertion across all publications

What our customers like:

  • A simple and intuitive solution for visualizing concepts
    "We can add as many branches as ideas and explain them by adding information in the form of text or images. This non-linear visual representation format makes it easy to present and capture information."
  • An effective way to enhance communication and understanding within teams
    "Mind maps help us capture attention and maintain focus within our teams. We capture ideas as they come and visually structure them to facilitate analysis and memorization."
  • The richness of the tool palette to optimize visual representation of concepts
    "We leverage various graphical elements such as colors, font types, and image insertion to enhance information structure and map appearance, thus promoting identification of key elements related to the theme."