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Live Form

Transform your Digital Workplace into a hub of active listening and engagement!

Turn your Digital Workplace into a place of internal listening and understanding!
With Live Form, create customized forms to conduct surveys, polls, and quizzes.
Measure employee satisfaction or knowledge levels, gather their feedback, and use the collected data to take meaningful actions.

Evaluate employee satisfaction on your Digital Workplace or Intranet!

Create specific surveys on a regular basis and collect feedback in total confidentiality.

Analyze survey results to implement improvement actions. Quickly detect sources of dissatisfaction and establish a relationship of shared listening, thus strengthening the motivation and self-esteem of your employees.

You are planning an event? Engage your employees with surveys and questionnaires via Live Form to gather their opinions, and find out their preferences in terms of availability, venues, activities and so on. This will encourage buy-in, the key to your event's success.

Do you organize online training courses? Assess your employees' knowledge after each session with a quiz. Analyze the results, and adjust content and formats for optimum effectiveness.

To summarize, Live Form lets you create personalized questionnaires as well as :

  • Quick content creation (Title, Description, Questions, Section, Page break)
  • Reuse of questions already created in other forms
  • Closed, typed and open-ended questions
  • Selection of response format for typed questions (radio buttons, drop-down menu, checkboxes, text, number, date, category, file, grid, rating, image list, database item)
  • Management of the number of attempts allowed 
  • Random selection of questions for each attempt 
  • Limited response time
  • Questions and answers asked in random order
  • Data verification rules to ensure field values are entered correctly (polls and surveys)
  • Parameters for displaying end text, score, corrections and explanations
  • Conditional branching with redirection of users to appropriate questions based on their previous answers,
  • Analysis of collected data in the form of statistical graphs or with export to .csv format
  • Import of questionnaires
  • Statistics and graphs
  • Mobile compatibility

What our customers like

  • The creation, distribution and analysis of my personalized questionnaires in just a few clicks

"With Live Form, I can quickly and easily create my own surveys, polls and quizzes for distribution in my Digital Workplace. I easily analyze and exploit the results (which can be consulted in real time) thanks to statistical graphs and CSV export. "

  • More in-depth surveys and more precise results

"I can create variants and make questions appear according to the situation expressed by my respondent. If the questions are not relevant to his profile, he will answer another series of questions. In this way, I maintain the interest of my participants throughout my survey and obtain more precise data to exploit. "