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Interactive guides, intuitive training: learning has never been easier! 

Create interactive guides to train your staff with ease and optimum accessibility, incorporating a variety of multimedia content and available individually or integrated into JLearn.

  • Simplified creation: create training modules from a variety of content, with no technical skills required, thanks to an intuitive planning and organization process;
  • Uniformity and consistency: ensure a consistent user experience across all guides, enabling immediate comprehension and smooth navigation for learners;
  • Eliminate friction: avoid the inefficiencies associated with the use of heterogeneous media such as PowerPoint or Word, by offering a user-friendly, modern alternative for the creation and distribution of training content;
  • Updating: benefit from simplified management of updates, eliminating expiry worries and providing an always up-to-date experience for learners;
  • Rights management: efficiently organize your training catalog by theme, and manage access rights for members and groups with ease;
  • Mobile: offer optimal accessibility to training guides via a dedicated interface on smartphones, ensuring flexible learning wherever learners are;
  • User experience: enable rapid adoption thanks to an intuitive interface, eliminating the need for specific training in content creation;
  • Quality: implement a validation workflow to guarantee content quality, while broadening participation in creation without compromising excellence;
  • Integration with JLearn: seamlessly integrate guides into your learning paths with JLearn, providing a coherent, fluid learning experience for learners.

What our customers like

  • Simplicity of creation, similar to PowerPoint;

  • The ability to add instructions for each step;

  • The simplicity of navigation, allowing you to concentrate on the essentials;

  • The wealth of content types that can be used in the steps,

  • with the possibility of integrating content specific to JPlatform (Wiki, articles, etc.).