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Encourage your employees to adopt more sober and sustainable use!

JClean is based on three key benefits:

  • Raising employee awareness of the ecological impact of digital technology;
  • Giving visibility to heavy and potentially obsolete documents;
  • Anticipating and scheduling the end-of-life of documents.

Thanks to JClean, employees are made aware of the ecological impact of their documents and files, encouraging them to report obsolete or bulky files.

JClean can also be integrated with the gamification app to motivate and challenge your employees to actively participate in cleaning up their virtual office, large files and much more!

JClean lets you :

  • Report obsolete files;
  • Report when a document is too large;
  • Notification deletions;
  • Automatic deletion of content after an alert and after a certain period of time;
  • Automatically send comments to people concerned by a document flag.

JClean is the ideal tool to help you sort through your files quickly. But above all, because employees will feel more concerned by the need to keep large, obsolete files to a minimum.

What our customers like 

  • Getting everyone on board 

"I like the fact that we can flag up the people affected by a file. Having everyone know that we have an obsolete or overly large file raises awareness."

  • With JGame, it's more fun 

"Thanks to JClean's integration with JGame, we're having fun sorting through our virtual desktop. With gamification, we challenge each other and, of course, it's a lot more fun to do!"