Jalios at the FIC: highlights of the event

1711639136715At the recent InCyber Forum, also known as the International Cybersecurity Forum, held in Lille from March 26 to 28, Jalios was on hand as a security player. This European forum aims to address the operational challenges of cybersecurity, and to help forge a digital future in harmony with European values and interests. On this occasion, experts shared their experiences and presented new perspectives for strengthening the fight against cybercrime.
As a member of the HEXATRUST association, which brings together French and European champions of the Cyber and Trusted Cloud and the Digital Workplace, Jalios had its own stand on the HEXATRUST Pavilion.
Here's a look back at Jalios' presence at the event.

Jalios, a key player in organizational security

Jalios has more than 450 customers, ranging from central government agencies (DINUM, DGFIP, AMF, etc.), local authorities (Pas-de-Calais, Nantes Métropole, Region Grand Est, etc.) and private companies of all sizes (Système U, La Redoute, Indigo, MAIF, MGEN, etc.). 
Jalios offers a digital platform that is both sovereign and secure, providing a uniform level of resilience across all sectors. The Jalios JPlatform 10SP4 platform was the first collaborative solution to obtain the CSPN security visa from ANSSI. 
Jalios has positioned itself as a key player in information systems security with its Digital Workplace, thanks to its ability to centralize a considerable flow of information while offering rapid access to various applications.
The Jalios Digital Workplace enhances the security of organizations through 3 features: 

  • Centralization: of access, applications, data, etc.
  • Application security: management of content, authorizations, partitioned communities, process control, DICT compliance, etc.
  • Service architecture: choice of service providers, integration of office automation tools, hybrid environment (on-prem and/or cloud).

Jalios Open Suite, a secure and sovereign collaborative suite

The show was an opportunity for Jalios to present its new Jalios Open Suite offering to an audience particularly sensitive to sovereignty issues. Jalios Open Suite is the most complete sovereign collaborative office suite on the market, offered by Jalios in partnership with Bluemind and OnlyOffice.
Jalios Open Suite offers all the tools you need to work together efficiently, while retaining control of your data and its hosting: Email, Calendar, Notes, Instant Messaging, Visio, Office Suite (DOC, PPT, XLS), Drive, Collaborative Spaces, Conversations, Project and Task Management, Forms, Surveys and Dematerialization of processes, etc.

JNLP for secure, sovereign AI applications

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic at IT events these days, and its use raises the question of data security and sovereignty.
With JNLP, Jalios provides a solution, enabling its customers to choose their AI suppliers, and thus establish governance over the management of data sent to LLMs (Large Language Models). With connectors to various players such as OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, MistralAI, LightOn, Gladia, NLPCloud, etc., Jalios customers can opt for European solutions and optimize their costs by choosing the LLMs that best meet their performance requirements and purchasing criteria.
Jalios R&D has invested in generative AI to enhance all the uses of the Digital Workplace, always with a view to making the organization more efficient in the long term and everyone's work more fulfilling.

NIS2 Directive: how Jalios supports its customers 

Another key topic was the NIS2 regulation, whose recently updated standards aim to strengthen cybersecurity in all EU member states.
The Hexatrust association has done a remarkable job with the capabilities brochure published on the occasion of this forum. Jalios is listed for its ability to support organizations in meeting certain requirements of the directive, in particular Art. 21.2.a, Art. 21.2.d, Art. 21.2.g, Art. 21.2.i and Art. 21.2.j, by supporting :

  • Classification of content according to criticality in dedicated areas.
  • Secure relations and exchanges of sensitive data with suppliers and direct service providers.
  • Access to learning and gamification solutions for all employees and collaborative spaces, which are important levers for training and increasing skills in cybersecurity and best practices.
  • Centralized authentication
  • Consolidation of a directory of people and a directory of applications to manage authorizations
  • Management of employee on-boarding and off-boarding processes, including access to applications and the provision of hardware.
  • Integration of authentication mechanisms to market identity repositories and multi-factor authentication solutions (TOTP, etc.).
  • Integration of secure messaging and videoconferencing solutions.

Download the Hexatrust capacity brochure


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