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Data import/export

Import and export all your publications securely and with all the data you need!

The data import/export module lets you export any data from your platform, or import data from other platforms, whether Jalios or not. All types of data can be imported and/or exported. All in all, an excellent way to manage your content recovery or migration with ease.
Migrating from one Jalios platform to another?
If you have several in-house Jalios platforms and want to consolidate all content into a single one, the module will do the job for you. You can export content from the original platform and import it into the new one.
On the one hand, you simply choose the data to be exported, and on the other the target import mapping defining the correspondences between the data in your export file and the content fields of the platform to be imported.

Are you migrating from an external site to a Jalios platform?
 If you've decided to switch to a Jalios platform, all you need to do is use the import function, based on a document in CSV (Excel) format.
Migrating from a JPlatform site to an external site?
It's always sad to know that a Jalios platform is going to be discontinued, but if you're in this situation, simply use the export function to retrieve all the content of the platform you wish to migrate, in CSV (Excel) format.
Do you need statistical reporting?
The export function will enable you to retrieve an entire type of data in an Excel file, which you can then process as you wish.

Would you like to back up your platform data?
Even if this is not the core function of this module, you'll be able to do so without the need for any technical operation.
As an administrator, you can export any platform data you wish. Note that the module allows you to export the content of rich text zones (html), including links and linked content, as well as attached files (media, documents).

How does it work?
For the export function, the system offers you an export template by default, which you can easily customize using drag & drop. You can choose the data you wish to include in the file, as well as the order in which they will be displayed (Excel file columns). 
The export is sent directly by e-mail (download link) and can be accessed from the administration areas.
This function can be accessed throughout the platform:

  • In workspaces (back office)
  • In document explorers (front office)
  • Via batch processing
  • From workspace administration and central administration 

As for the import function, it relies on content (provided by the module) that will link the columns of the import file (in CSV format) with the fields of a platform content type (whether standard JPlatform or specific to your platform). This setup can be time-consuming, depending on the complexity of the content structure to be imported, but don't worry, you only have to do it once.
What's more, the module is flexible enough to adapt to any context and preferences.

  • Background processing of imports and exports;
  • Multiple imports and exports can be processed at the same time;
  • Interface for monitoring exports and imports in progress;
  • Export and import of all types of content (classic and user content, forms, portlets, documents, files associated with your content and members);
  • Logs and detailed results once processing is complete;
  • Template construction: if you need to import or export frequently, the module lets you save templates so you can restart your import or export operations at any time, with just a few clicks;
  • Intuitive and practical "drag & drop" export parameter interfaces;
  • Mapping interface to link publication fields with CSV file columns;
  • Export from document browsers with integrated folder tree.
  • Access to import and export functions and ease of use;
  • The flexibility of the module with its numerous options;
  • Tracking and error management tools for real-time execution control.

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