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Collaborative space themes

Facilitate collaboration in your organization with customized spaces that combine simplicity, aesthetics and efficiency.

This module makes the interface of your collaborative spaces simpler and more intuitive. With its contemporary design and optimized ergonomics, this module lets you customize your collaborative workspaces to the image you want.

Easy navigation, harmony between the different services, the user experience has been revolutionized. The aim is simple: to better meet your needs by unleashing your creativity and offering your staff unique, made-to-measure spaces.

The benefits of the collaborative space customization module are numerous:

  • Transform collaborative spaces into simple, elegant environments;
  • Improve productivity with a user-friendly interface;
  • Personalize the experience to reflect your corporate identity.
  • Customize style: color of titles, icons, buttons and sections
  • Insertion of a personalized logo in the main navigation bar;
  • Customization of topbar and home page structure (dashboard)
  • Application of custom styles to classic collaborative workspace services: calendar, discussion forum, document explorer, directory, etc.
  • Intuitive interface: the module simplifies the user experience by eliminating unnecessary complexity, enabling fluid, intuitive navigation;
  • Complete personalization: customize appearance and colors to perfectly reflect your corporate identity;

This module is brought to you by Wisen, experts in Jalios solutions.

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