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Enhanced comments

The Enhanced Comments module offers a real threaded discussion solution in comments, as used by users in most social networks.

  • The Enhanced Comments module replaces the DB Comments module and extends its functionality to manage a stream of discussions.
  • It is now possible to reply to a particular comment, and to visually view each question/answer stream independently.
  • Several levels of questions/answers are configurable
  • This provides a simplified visual understanding of a discussion or comment thread.
  • Users can make the most of this discussion space and enhance collaboration on a publication.

Parameter features :

  • Enable enhanced comments: whether or not to activate the module
  • Hierarchical deletion of comments: whether or not to delete the entire hierarchy when deleting a parent comment
  • Maximum number of replies: if set to 5, from the 6th level onwards, the following reply is no longer authorized, for obvious reasons of screen legibility, see screenshot [nbr max reached].
  • Chronological sorting: ascending or descending chronological sorting order

Customers appreciate finding the kind of discussion threads they're used to on social networks.

This module is brought to you by BS-Team, experts in Jalios solutions.

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