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Simplify your daily document management!

With JDoc, immerse yourself in a fluid, consistent document management experience. 

Simplify day-to-day document management: no more hassles or wasted time!

With JDoc, centralize and organize all your documents in one place, for maximum productivity.

From viewer to advanced features, JDoc is a complete solution for managing your documents with ease: 

  • Integration : Easily connect to different DMS solutions via "supplier" modules, while benefiting from a unified user interface. Several connectors are already available: SharePoint, Google Workplace, Alfresco, Nextcloud and Box.
  • Smooth navigation: quickly access your remote documents and effortlessly browse them within your Digital Workplace environment.
  • Metadata management: Modify and view document metadata, ensuring consistency with custom and mandatory fields.
  • Rights management: Benefit from integrated management of user rights between your DMS and your collaboration platform.
  • Simplified socialization: Share, comment and interact with your DMS documents directly from your Digital Workplace with the JDocument pivot object.

"Simply incredible! JDoc has transformed the way we manage our documents. No more confusion, no more hassle. Just two watchwords: fluidity and efficiency." 

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