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Draft.io (JLab)

Where visual collaboration can flourish!

The Draft.io module is designed as a collaborative visual document that complements conventional office tools. Its main strengths are:

  • Easy and intuitive to use for users
  • Simple deployment of the solution within the organization 
  • A full range of collaboration and animation functionalities like voting
  • A library of over 50 workshop templates
  • Visual project management
  • Jira integration

Draft.io offers a wide range of features for efficient, visual collaboration:

  • Maps: manage your projects visually and track the progress of work-in-progress with customizable map objects.
  • Voting session: harness collective intelligence and involve your whole team at every stage of the decision-making process.
  • Isolator mode: get participants to contribute to a workshop without influencing each other.
  • Envelopes: group ideas dynamically to reveal salient themes and focus your brainstorming.
  • Lists: capture ideas on the fly and organize your document with a simple click and drag.
  • Anchor links: help your collaborators navigate your drafts and find the right information quickly.

"Draft.io is an essential tool for our various projects. Thanks to Draft.io we have set up a visual management system that gives us a global vision of our challenges. All in just a few clicks from Jalios Workplace."

Draft is a French publisher of Draft.io, a collaborative whiteboard solution distributed as SaaS or on-premise. 

Featuring numerous animation and project management functions, Draft.io is a true visual collaboration platform, designed to facilitate meetings or workshops, think alone or with others, objectify the decision-making process, and manage projects visually. 

"Draft.io, a collaborative whiteboard, has become a must-have in most organizations, and is a natural fit with the uses supported by Jalios Workplace. The aim of this partnership is twofold: to guarantee a fluid, unified user experience by integrating Draft.io into Jalios Workplace, and to offer a one-stop shop for Jalios customers." Alexandre Beauchet, COO of Draft.io