Numérique Territorial Francilien, the show for digital decision-makers in the Paris Region

April 30, 2024 / Centquatre-Paris

Salon du numérique territorial Francilien 2024 - Evenement - Jalios 

Jalios will be taking part in the Salon du Numérique Territorial Francilien and the "Les Cas d'Or" awards evening, scheduled for 30 April 2024 at the Centquatre-Paris.

Selected by French Tech as part of the "Choisissez la French Tech" initiative, and organised by SOLAINN, les Cas d'or and CMP, this trade show dedicated to innovation and development in the regions will connect regional decision-makers with players and leaders in the digital sector to meet the challenges and transitions of today and tomorrow.

At the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution, the digital transition is at the heart of every debate. Digitalisation is a major challenge for all sectors of activity. So we need to raise awareness of the need to master digital tools. The NTF will be supporting the economic and political players in the Paris region in 6 key areas:

  • dematerialisation
  • Cyber security
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digitalisation of relations with users
  • The data environment
  • Digital Responsibility


Jalios: French publisher of Digital Workplace solutions for the public sector

Jalios is heavily involved in the public sector, and its customers include more than 60 local authorities (metropolises, conurbation or urban communities, towns, regions, départements, SDIS), numerous institutions, authorities and agencies (CDC, ADEME, Pôle emploi, AMF, INSEE, ARS), citizen services (social landlords, CPAM), universities (UNISTRA, UPEC) and ministries (DINUM, DAE, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health).

In other words, the Jalios platform is positioned as a gateway to collective intelligence, designed to improve the efficiency of all local authority employees by meeting all their challenges, such as :

  • Developing cross-functionality
  • Transforming working methods
  • Better targeting and capitalising on information
  • Improving responsiveness and efficiency
  • Facilitating exchanges
  • Facilitating access to information, even when on the move

For example, Jalios is working with the town of Gennevilliers to encourage communication with and between its 1,600 employees. The town of Gennevilliers has decided to equip itself with a new intranet that is both easy to use and unifying.

The Interministerial Digital Department is also relying on Jalios to experiment with the use of a collaborative platform to facilitate inter-ministerial collaboration and beyond, throughout the public sector and its ecosystem: Looking for an all-in-one tool, the DINUM teams wanted to revitalise the public ecosystem, enabling employees of the State and its public establishments to animate their professional communities online, thus breaking down organisational silos.

Jalios presentation: Agent experience: creating commitment and rethinking practices with generative AI

In this workshop, find out how the town of Neuilly has succeeded in communicating simply, creating links and enhancing the value of its 1,200 employees thanks to a user-centred intranet. Between centralised and profiled top-down communication, a network of contributors, deskless profile training, HR information, online badging, practical information...

You can also find out what generative AI can do for the day-to-day lives of agents: how will it change the way they communicate, collaborate and manage knowledge? A summary of our discussions with our public sector customers and in particular local authorities in the Paris region, such as the Ile-de-France region, the towns of Asnières, Neuilly, Genevilliers, Malakoff, CD77, CD94, etc.

  • Speakers:
    • Elodie Mas, Head of Internal Communications, City of Neuilly-sur-Seine
    • Marie-Odile Noël, ISD Programme Director, Neuilly-sur-Seine City Council
    • Jean-François Pellier, Sales Director, Jalios


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Practical information

Date and times :

  • 30 April 2024

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