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Docusign for JSign

Electronic signatures made easy and compliant!

DocuSign is a module provider of JSign.

Sign, send and manage your contracts with ease. Dematerialize your processes with an eIDAS-compliant electronic signature solution.

DocuSign supports all eIDAS defined signatures:

  • Simple signature: edit, send and sign documents with confidence
  • Advanced signature: integrate identity verification into your electronic signature process
  • Qualified signature: this signature level is based on high-level verification and certification requirements

What our customers like:

"With DocuSign, we were able to dematerialize our signature process, one of the points we love is the identity verification of signatories, which allows us to have agreements in complete security!"

Founded in 2003, DocuSign is one of the pioneers of electronic signatures. DocuSign's mission is to accelerate and simplify the way companies and individuals do business around the world.