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Universign for JSign

Electronic signatures made easy and compliant!

Universign is a module provider of JSign.

Universign is qualified under the European eIDAS regulation. Your signed documents have legal value and guarantee the traceability of your digital transactions.

No need to print or scan your documents: your dematerialization is 100% successful thanks to the electronic signature!

Contractualization time is considerably reduced: your documents are instantly signed in just a few clicks - all you need is an Internet connection.

Processing time, printing, postage costs, archiving... You save money at every level and gain productivity.

The main benefits of electronic signatures are/

  • Sign a document without printing it (paper savings) ;
  • Send the document by e-mail (saving postage);
  • The ability to sign a document without having to meet (reducing the need to travel);
  • The possibility to store documents in digital format (simplifying and eliminating paper archiving).

"The module simply allows us to trigger the PDF signature process. We no longer need to run after the signatories."

Universign is a trust service provider qualified under the European eIDAS regulation. Universign offers a SaaS platform for electronic signatures, electronic seals and time stamping.