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Exploit generative AI in your Digital Workplace while keeping control of your data.

Wondering how your users can benefit from generative AI on a daily basis?

JNLP offers you a whole set of features to assist them in their daily missions, by generating text, summaries or enriching it with tags, translations, transcriptions, etc.

Your users want to use generative AI but are you afraid of no longer controlling its uses and the confidentiality of your data?

JNLP allows you to deploy the generative AI functionalities integrated into your Digital Workplace according to your governance. With JNLP, you choose the LLM (Large Language Model) tools used, but also the users who have access to them and the types of data that benefit from them.

JNLP integrates ChatGPT, the OpenAI solution, but also solutions from French publishers such as Gladia, Mistral AI and NLP Cloud.

The JNLP module, perfectly integrated into the Jalios Digital Workplace, is capable of:

  • Generate transcription and subtitling of videos or videoconference meeting recordings.
  • Write summaries of documents, conversations (webchat) or videos.
  • Automatically translate various documents to streamline exchanges.
  • Suggest tags to better classify documents.
  • Generate quizzes to validate training courses.

The module is currently available in JLab and its official release is scheduled for the end of 2023. Contact us now for a demo and to test JNLP.

The strong points of the application:

  • All the functionalities as well as the connectors can be configured in JNLP in order to choose which functionalities to offer, to whom and with which tools.
  • The application provides a framework for thinking about the use of generative AI and associated governance.
  • JNLP is easy to deploy and concretely supports the deployment of generative AI tools in the Digital Workplace.