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Think collectively and manage projects visually

Draft is a French publisher of Draft.io, a collaborative whiteboard solution distributed as SaaS or on-premise.

Featuring a host of animation and project management functions, Draft.io is a true visual collaboration platform, designed to facilitate meetings or workshops, think alone or with others, objectify the decision-making process, and manage projects visually.

Why partner with Jalios?

"Draft.io, the collaborative whiteboard that has become a must-have in most organizations, is a natural fit for Jalios Workplace. The aim of this partnership is twofold: to guarantee a fluid, unified user experience by integrating Draft.io into Jalios Workplace, and to offer a one-stop shop for Jalios customers."

Alexandre Beauchet    Alexandre Beauchet, COO at Draft.io



Draft.io is designed as a collaborative visual document that complements conventional office tools. Its main strengths are as follows:

  • Is easy for users to use and deploy within their organization (no specific configuration required)
  • Offers a full range of collaboration and animation functionalities (voting, etc.)
  • Offers a rich library of workshop templates (over fifty).
  • Enables easy construction of totally customized workshops
  • Publishes a library of original workshops suggested by the community of experts
  • Visual project management
  • Jira integration
  • Fully integrated with Jalios Workplace
  • Can be deployed on-premise and maintained by Jalios teams or partners
    Is economically competitive.

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