Jalios celebrates its ecosystem at JPartner, the annual meeting of Jalios partners

Le premier JPartner , événement annuel dédié aux partenaires Jalios, a eu lieu le 27 juin 2023 . Organisé à Paris, l'événement a réuni plus d'une trentaine d'organisations partenaires . Le succès de cet événement inaugural témoigne du dynamisme de l'écosystème Jalios et de sa pertinence pour répondre aux besoins de communication et de collaboration des organisations.


Un écosystème de près de 80 partenaires

Inspiré du JClub , le rendez-vous annuel des clients Jalios, qui a fêté cette année ses 15 ans, le JPartner est le rendez-vous annuel de l'écosystème des partenaires Jalios . L'objectif de cet événement est de permettre aux partenaires de Jalios de se rencontrer et de mieux se connaître, afin de développer des synergies entre eux et avec Jalios, et ainsi mieux répondre aux enjeux des organisations : communiquer, collaborer et partager les connaissances, de manière efficace et durable. , au quotidien et où qu'ils soient !

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This ecosystem of nearly 80 partners was developed right from the start of Jalios. In keeping with its mission as a "catalyst for collective intelligence", Jalios decided early on to work with integrator partners, in order to concentrate on its core business as a software publisher. Some partners, such as Klee Group, Digiwin, Eolas and ASI, have been deploying Jalios projects for over 10 years. Jalios is thus banking on the growth of an entire ecosystem to better meet its customers' needs.

As these needs have evolved, this ecosystem has been enriched by other digital players. Jalios' partners include other software publishers, who integrate their solutions with Jalios to deliver a better user experience; Cloud hosting and facilities management providers, who can provide and manage high-performance, secure or sovereign hosting for the Jalios solution; and consulting firms, who provide support for change and maximize adoption of the solution and customer benefits. Some partners even wear several hats ! 


A new partner manager to accelerate the development of partnerships

At this first JPartner event, Vincent Bouthors, CEO of Jalios, reiterated the importance of the ecosystem for Jalios, as well as the company's vision and ambitions. He also announced the appointment of Nicolas Turlay as Head of Partners, a new full-time position.

Conception sans titre (12)"The appointment of Nicolas as Head of Partners and the organization of this first JPartner mark Jalios' desire to accelerate the development of its ecosystem. We are convinced that it is the richness of this ecosystem that will bring the most value to our customers," says Vincent Bouthors, CEO of Jalios.



Conception sans titre (11)Nicolas Turlay, Head of Jalios Partners, emphasizes that "there are many opportunities for collaboration that will enable Jalios and all its partners to grow. The needs of organizations are increasingly complex and specific, and each partner brings expertise that is often complementary".



Jalios' Partner awards to celebrate collective successes

Finally, the event was also an opportunity to celebrate a number of successes. In particular, the Jalios' Partner Awards were presented to 5 partners for their remarkable actions and successes over the past year:

  • Open Groupe, for the Business category
  • Eolas Orange Business, for the Upsell category
  • Klee Group, for the Marketing category
  • Kozao , pour la catégorie Marketplace
  • Illinks , pour la catégorie Entreprise Verticale

Encore bravo et merci à tous les partenaires Jalios pour votre réussite collective !


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