JClub 2023 - exclusively for our customers

The Jalios Users Club, reserved for Jalios customers, celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. It was an opportunity to bring its users together for another year during a day dedicated to them.

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This annual event, eagerly awaited by Jalios customers and in-house teams alike, aims to bring people together, to take the time to exchange best practices, testimonials and Jalios news, and to spend a convivial moment together. Above all, it's an opportunity to highlight the ever-passionate uses of our customers. A day for and by Jalios users!



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The JClub is also an opportunity to discover our new products and the Jalios R&D product roadmap for our customers: between the GPT chat AI integrated into the Jalios Digital Workplace and Gamification with JGame, more than 15 PatchPlugins, 155 module releases, 11 new modules and 2 new JPlatform editions have come out of the magic wands of Jalios R&D!


Welcome to new Jalios customers

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Since the last JClub, where we celebrated our 20th anniversary, the Jalios user community has grown even further. We would like to welcome our new customers once again, and proudly welcome them to the Jalios user community :





5 of them, present at Jclub 2023, did us the honor of presenting their projects on stage, thanks again to :



   ARCOM , represented by Vincent Lippi 

   DGFIP, represented by  Fabienne AUFFRAYLAETITIA MENDES 

   BRGM, represented by  Mathilde DIEN 

   L'Université Catholique de Lyon, represented by  Emmanuelle DilettiCarole Yvert 

   Diagast, represented by  par MURIEL HUBER  



Jalios Workplace put into practice and used by our customers Jalios in the spotlight

As every year, Jalios wanted to honor its customers and their uses: three "Trophée Jalios'impact" trophies were awarded:



La Redoute représented by @Maxime Segard with the Jalios'Impact trophy for best Intranet use, for its RWays intranet and collaborative platform + its mobile app, for its internal and supplier collaboration database, and for Gamification, which improves employee on-boarding.






Le département Pas de Calais représented by @Thierry Gourlain  with the Jalios'Impact trophy for the best Intranet Collaborative & Learning use for the department's collaborative platform " " and for its numerous Elearning uses to support the training of the department's agents.





Le département Loire Atlantique  représenté par @Philippe SERRES  with the Jalios'Impact trophy for best Intranet, Multisite Web & Mobile use for their "Planet" collaborative platform and for the department's 18 public sites, managed by a single design system, as well as for its 2 mobile applications (Zelli and museum visit companion).



Many thanks for their renewed trust !


The JClub: a complete ecosystem

This year, we had the opportunity to try out a new format, with themed Jalios stands for more exchanges and demonstrations. We opened the doors of our Users' Club with the presence this year of our technology partners: it was an opportunity to exchange more with our customers on their challenges, their projects, their expectations and their uses around complete technological solutions integrated with the Jalios offer.

Thank you to our technology partners present at Jclub 2023 :  1Day 1 Learn, Glowbl,  Agilad, Draft.io, Kozao, DigDash.

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A look back at JClub 2023 in pictures:


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