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Offer to your contributors a complete, intuitive article management and publication tool. Provide all contributors with access to all articles classified according to your business themes.

  • Would you like to make it easier to contribute and manage publications?

The JNews2 module makes it easy, with an editorial area for dynamic article editing and a wide range of options. The article management area provides a comprehensive Front-Office view of all publications and related information, as well as a scheduling service.

  • Would you like to streamline access to the various articles available in your Digital Workplace?

JNews2 offers a structured entry point to all publications classified according to your business themes, to which you can subscribe to be alerted when a related news item is published.

The JNews2 module provides content contributors with an editorial space that allows them to :

  • Enter title and content in the fields provided
  • Access text editor functions (formatting, unified insertion, insertion of special characters, codes, links, tables, etc.)
  • Insert and crop visuals
  • Set available options
    • Scheduling
    • Global or local One-to-One
    • Insert and format a summary
    • Multi-categorization
    • Add keywords
    • Define viewing and editing rights
    • Identify editor
    • Activate reader tracking
    • Activate read confirmation
    • Activate comments
    • Add linked content
    • Add intuitive Urls
  • Possibility of submitting to a validation workflow
  • Publish

Communication managers and content validators have access to an article management interface offering :

  • A global view of all articles in list mode, with the option of sorting by type of information, and displaying the related information (indication of "la mise à la Une", status, title, rights, editors, date) as well as the number of readers and votes.
  • Article scheduling with calendar display
  • The ability to modify article templates by space
    • Layout and style settings with dynamic preview
    • Selection of displayed fields (title, illustration, meta-data, editor, cap, body, linked content), their layout, fonts by title type, by paragraph, by quotation, entry of custom CSS
    • Setting rights
    • Workflow selection
    • Selection of themes

Contributors can access a space that groups all the articles available on the platform in chronological order. They can :

  • Search by keywords
  • Filter by subject, date, editor, language
  • Subscribe to themes to be alerted to new publications, and configure the frequency of notifications.

What customers like about JNews :

  • The availability of all articles in one and only platform 
  • No matter where an article is published, it will also appear in the editorial space with a global view arranged in chronological order and the possibility of filtering according to our business themes. Your employees are guaranteed to find all available articles.
  • Front-office input and option setting for enhanced intuitiveness : 

With the JNews 2 module, our contributors can enter their articles directly in the Front-Office and visualize the final look and feel of their publication.

Via the sidebar, they have access to all available parameter options, including the one-click possibility of publishing on the front page or the ability to request a read confirmation to ensure that content has been properly taken into account.

  • The ability to create your own templates : 

With JNews2, you have the possibility to display a template without development, using the preview to validate the structure and style of the article.

  • The article management interface for easy processing and scheduling of publications :

Article management provides an overview of all articles, displaying related information such as status, title, rights, editors and date, as well as the number of readers and votes. The calendar lets you manage scheduling. This features will saves time for your communications department, which can access all publications from a single platform.