What is employee experience and how to improve it ?

The employee experience is a fundamental pillar of your human resources management. Inspired by the concept of customer experience, it aims to create an optimal working environment to ensure the fulfillment and therefore the performance of your employees. But how exactly do you define employee experience? Why does it deserve your attention? How can it be improved? Find the answers to your questions with Jalios.  

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How do you define employee experience?

The employee experience is the perception that employees have of their company and their work. It is a global impression, directly linked to the interactions and experiences of an employee throughout his or her career with the company.

The employee experience takes many factors into account:

  • Working conditions ;
  • Compensation ;
  • Work-life balance;
  • Work tools ;
  • etc...


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Why is the employee experience essential for your company ?

The importance of the employee experience is not new, but it has evolved significantly in recent years. Employees now have higher expectations in terms of quality of life at work. Companies can no longer afford to ignore this issue.


Offering better working conditions

Creating a favorable working environment contributes to employee fulfillment. Numerous measures aim to help employees feel good about their company and to invest fully in contributing to its success:

  • More flexible working hours;
  • High-performance collaborative tools;
  • Workspaces tailored to individual needs;
  • Inclusion policy ;
  • etc...


Increase employee involvement

Employees who feel valued and who work in a positive environment are naturally more committed to their missions and to the life of the company. They are also more creative and inclined to work together more effectively.

By fostering a positive employee experience, your company encourages dialogue and communication, in complete confidence, between all employees. This creates a work dynamic conducive to innovation and collaboration.


Improve employees' performance

Happy, fulfilled employees are 31% more productive at work. The employee experience is therefore a key performance driver for your company. To achieve this, you need to offer your employees the conditions and tools they need to ensure their fulfillment and efficiency.


Ensuring your company's attractiveness

An optimized employee experience has a direct impact on your employer brand. Your employees are your company's best ambassadors. Their testimonials help you attract talent and customers.

At the same time, don't neglect the candidate experience. A clear recruitment and onboarding process will help improve your company's image.


Retaining talents

Staff turnover represents a significant financial cost for your company. It also impacts on your image with customers and potential candidates. Listening to your employees' needs, taking their requests into account, and helping them to develop their skills will strengthen their attachment to your organization.


Better customer satisfaction

A successful employee experience benefits all levels of your company. Satisfied employees are also better able to meet your customers' expectations and provide them with quality service.


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How can you improve the employee experience within your company?

Several solutions can be put in place to increase employee commitment and improve productivity.


Develop a strong corporate culture

A strong corporate culture is a lever for attracting, involving, performing and retaining employees. Clearly defining your values and communicating them, thanks in particular to an intranet solution, will enable you to develop a unifying culture in which your employees can identify.



Implement digital tools to improve the employee experience

The employee experience depends to a large extent on how your company is organized. You therefore need to offer more efficient processes, within a framework that encourages communication and collaboration. One way of doing this is to implement a digital workplace solution. This will enable your employees to save time, by getting rid of time-consuming tasks, and improve their performance.


Improve your employees' working conditions

Finally, don't forget to tailor your employees' working conditions to their needs. This may involve providing a concierge service or offering greater flexibility in terms of working hours, to encourage a better work-life balance.


In all cases, keep listening. To do this, offer them tools to share their feelings and ideas. Finally, reward their involvement.


Today, the employee experience is a key factor in business performance. Employees are increasingly aware of their added value, and are looking for a work environment that offers them fulfilment and prospects for development. By meeting these expectations, you can create a strong, motivating corporate culture that fosters innovation and creativity. Implementing the right digital tools can be an effective way of improving the employee experience. In this way, you give your business every chance of success.



Employee experience FAQ

What is employee experience?

Employee experience is defined as the general feeling of your employees about their experience within your company. It depends on a number of factors, such as remuneration, working conditions and the tools provided.


What are the different employee experience solutions?

Digital Workplace and Intranet solutions are good entry points and can become true employee experience platforms. They support employees in their day-to-day work, throughout their working lives. Employees gain in satisfaction, because they are more efficient and work more collaboratively. They are also effective tools for communicating internally and uniting your employees around strong values.


How can we improve the employee experience?

Start by developing a positive corporate culture through internal communication. Finally, working conditions are a key variable in the employee experience. Today, these working conditions apply to both face-to-face and remote working, and therefore also to the digital world! Select the digital tools best suited to your employees' needs, and ensure the coherence and fluidity of these tools thanks to the Digital Workplace.




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