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Guided Tour

Carry your users on each of the interfaces of your Digital Workplace with a "step by step" tour presenting the available features and boost the adoption of your platform!

Do you want to make it easier to get started with your Digital Workplace? The "Guided Tours" application offers contextual help on each of the interfaces and launches a step-by-step tour to discover each of the available features.

Do you want to accompany your users in their daily life in a personalized way? The Guided Tours, whose scenario can be customized by target, are a real "application compass" available, on demand, on each page of your Digital Workplace.

Do you want to make the most of the range of functions available in all the applications integrated into your Digital Workplace?

The Guided Tours detail, according to the defined user path - for examples when an application is used for the first time or also on demand - each of the proposed functionalities with the highlighting of the concerned zones and a concise explanatory text. 

The "Guided Tours" application can be launched on each page, automatically or on demand, to carry out a "step by step" visit with the presentation of the available functionalities:

  • Display of a help adapted to the user's profile
  • Availability of the compass in the topbar if a tour is available on this screen
  • Possibility to add the application in the application launcher
  • Step-by-step presentation of the features, with highlighted target areas and a tooltip with explanatory text
  • Possibility to change the order of the steps by drag and drop
  • Indication of the beginning of the visit with the display of a welcome screen describing the promise of the application
  • Indication of the end of the tour with the display of a thank you screen with the option to end or restart the tour

Administrators can manage tours:

  • Adding a tour by creating or importing it (to be consistent with existing tours, a library of illustrations is available in the JLab)
  • Targeting to define the location where the tour will be available (all the Digital Workplace, a portal, an application, a type of publication, a category, a type of portlet, ...)
  • Possible settings
    • Make the tour available to users
    • Offer the tour in the tour menu
    • Automatically start when a user reaches a page containing the target
    • Workspace concerned
  • Possibility to test, deactivate, modify, duplicate, export and delete
  • Statistics related to the number of started and completed visits

The key product features that our customers like :

  • Customized and integrated help available on every page of the Digital Workplace on desktop !
  • No matter where you are in your journey, the guided tour is available to introduce you to the range of features available in a way that is tailored to your profile. Your employees are accompanied and assured of understanding how our collaborative platform works.
  • The ability to create your own guided tours and to adapt the scenarios to different employee profiles.