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Facilitate the organization of hybrid work and manage the presence of employees on different work sites with JWork.

  • You want to facilitate the organization of hybrid and multisite work?

With JWork, you offer employees a dedicated space where they can indicate their presence by site and their working from home days.

  • Do you want to help managers manage their teams?

With JWork, you have a weekly or monthly schedule that displays in real time the distribution of employees by mode and by site, by half-day.

  • Do you want to maintain team cohesion in the age of hybrid work?

With JWork, you know where each member of your team works so that employees can adapt their schedules to share common time on site.

The JWork application, available in a mobile version, offers a space for managing attendance with the possibility of display :

  • "My schedule" weekly or monthly and plan by half-day attendance by selecting from a drop-down menu of available sites. The weekly display shows, via a connection with your leave module, the attendance and leave of the employees that the user has in his team or that he has selected in his preferences as colleagues.
  • The general weekly or monthly planning with the visualization by half-day and by day of the number of employees per site and the display in detail of the employees present and the rooms/offices per working period. It is possible to filter by sites, by departments or groups, by members and to export to .csv format.
  • The work locations with the display of the proposed sites in a maps:
    • Visualization of my weekly or monthly schedule with highlighting of the slots related to the selected work place.
    • Display of the information with the indication of the maximum number of people
    • Display of the statistics with the indication of the percentage of occupation, the average number of occupants and the maximum number of occupants per selected weekly or monthly slot.
      Integration of maps with an "address" field that will allow you to geolocate the place on a map (if the necessary resources are available, JMaps module).
  • Define preferences with the addition of favorite places to be selected in a drop-down list and identification of collaborators as colleagues by a search. The presence of the added colleagues will then be displayed in my schedule in weekly view.
  • Display statistics
    • General with the indication, per selected period, of the percentage of informed presences and teleworkers, the occupancy rate and the number of locations per location Diagrams and tables give a quick view of the general distribution, the most used locations, the evolution of telework...
    • By workplaces with the indication of the percentage of occupancy, the average number of occupants and the maximum number of occupants per selected weekly or monthly period.
  • Display the work location of the day on the enriched profile sheet
  • A system of weekly and/or daily alerts allows you to send reminders to employees who have not scheduled their workplaces.

What customers like :

  • JWork is a simple and intuitive solution to inform where you have all the informations centralized about from where employees are working (from home, co-working or in the office).
  • We can quickly plan your presence locations, on the fly or several days/weeks in advance.
  • The ability to apply recurrences saves us time.
  • We know the presence of our team members or collaborators that we have designated as colleagues. This facilitates multi-site collaboration.
  • Statistics to have a quantified vision of the occupation of the premises : 

Statistics allow us to verify the respect of the working conditions imposed by certain regulations such as the anti-COVID regulation. The information is quickly taken into account, it is possible in real time to inform the employees concerned by a limitation of the number of people authorized on a site.