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Increase your productivity with the Redmine project management application integrated directly into your Digital Workplace!

This module is essential for a project manager, a consultant or a tester who needs to focus on the essentials such as having access to an overview, to the requests to be processed from the intranet without necessarily needing to connect to the Redmine application and more!

This module does not replace the Redmine application but its integrated to the Jalios Digital Workplace.

Once connected to the Redmine module, the user will be able to:

  • Have an indicator on the number of requests he has to process.
  • Follow the evolution of his Redmine tasks.
  • Consult the projects on which he is an active member.
  • Consult the tasks he has to process.
  • Be informed about new projects.
  • Follow the tickets of his project in a collaborative space.
  • Be notified of each new request that is assigned to him.
  • Follow the activity on the Redmine application.

What customers like about The Redmine plugin

  • The simplicity of use:

The Redmine module is accessible from the application launcher from the shortcut created automatically when the module is first started. 

The application tracks the number of requests or tasks assigned to the connected user and receives an alert if he is assigned to a new request or if a request has been modified.

The module tracks the activity of the Redmine application in the user's activity wall: project creation, request creation, etc.

This module is developed by Kozao.

Learn more about Kozao.