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A complete and intuitive tool to create, manage and promote their face-to-face, remote and hybrid events.

  • Do you want to facilitate the management of your events?

The JEvent module allows you to create your event in just a few clicks. You give it all the necessary information for the participants (visual, presentation, speakers, etc.) as well as the number of places available. The management of registrations can be free or carried out by designated managers.

  • Do you want to promote your events and optimize participation?

With the JEvent module, you communicate effectively on each new event by positioning a portlet on the home page and/or any other relevant page of your Digital Workplace. Reach your target and increase the number of registrations.

  • Do you want to simplify registration and the access to all the events organized?

Whether face-to-face, remote or in hybrid mode, the JEvent space displays all your completed, current and upcoming events in the form of a catalog. Employees can register in 2 clicks.

They then have access to all the useful information to physically go to the event or to attend it by videoconference.

With JEvent, take advantage of severals features for a better management of your events!

Publication of face-to-face, videoconference and hybrid events:

  • Added information and link with video service selection.
  • Enter registration information.
  • Once the event has passed, you have the option to add replays and photos.
  • Management of registrations with the display of several criteria such as: the number of requests, remaining places, registrants, people on the waiting list, refused registrations and canceled registrations.
  • Possibility to filter by status: to be processed, to be validated, waiting list, registered and refused.
  • Ability to search for a member, register members, close registrations, recommend, modify the event, export the list of registrations in ".csv" format.

Catalog of past, current and future events in the form of maps:

  • Search for events by keywords.
  • Filtering by periodicity, by mode or by contributors.
  • An overview of "My registrations" with the status, name, date modified and the possibility of canceling the registration.
  • An overview of "My interventions" with name, mode, start date and duration.
  • See the replay of an event.

And much more !

What customers like about JEvent


  • Have a catalog of events to facilitate registration and access, including on the move:

With the JEvent application, offer your employees the catalog of your events. They find there, for each event, all the useful information to help them decide to register and attend it thanks to geolocation or the integrated videoconference link.


  • The promotion of your events on the platform:

With the JEvent portlets you will be able to communicate effectively on the organization of your events. Your employees are thus informed of the events that concern them and are sure not to miss any.


  • Access to replays to capitalize on videoconference events:

With JEvent, when a videoconference event is over, you can add the replay in 2 clicks!

Your collaborators who could not be present or those whose interest would appear later in the event can thus easily access the content.


  • The registration management space to facilitate follow-up by the organizers:

The registration management area offers a view of the most useful information: number of requests, remaining places, number of people on the waiting list, etc.

JEvent saves time for organizers, managers and employees!