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Make it easy to synchronize, share and collaborate on your Nextcloud documents within your Digital Workplace and gain in productivity!

On-premise or in SAAS, add a real collaborative and social dimension to your NextCloud documents seamlessly integrated into the Jalios digital workplace. 

The Nextcloud module enables your employees to handle their NextCloud documents in the digital workplace without leaving the intranet.

The documents remain stored in NextCloud and appear in the Jalios solution like any other Jalios document. The document benefits from all the classic JPlatform functionalities for documents.

The user can access to the documents in the Jalios Digital Workplace taking into account his rights in Nexcloud.

The module increases the productivity of your employees, who no longer need to access the intranet and Nextcloud separately.

The Nextcloud module offers several features

Key features:

  • The "Groups folders
  • Community EDM (Group folder)
  • Document sharing in Jalios
  • Nextcloud sharing link
  • Document explorer
  • Document repository
  • Delete
  • Download
  • Document viewer
  • Opening a folder or a document in Nextcloud
  • Taking into account the Nextcloud rights and adding additional rights in JPlatform
  • Access to the document in the Nextcloud DMS in JPlatform
  • Search for Nextcloud documents in JPlatform

Treatments on the document:

  • Modify the document properties
  • Move / Copy
  • Rename a document
  • Upload a new version


  • Document explorer to browse Nextcloud documents from a root folder
  • Add Nextcloud documents in a jalios explorer. Manage seamlessly for the user on the storage of the documents.
  • Comment, like, recommend, bookmark, add a task on a Nextcloud document in Jalios.
  • Nextcloud documents are treated as Jalios documents.

What customers like about Nextcloud

  • Work on documents on the move no matter where they are stored:

The Nextcloud module is enriched in the Digital Workplace. It allows you to access your Nextcloud documents from JMobile and thus work in mobility.


  • Collaborate on document production:

The integration with solutions such as OnlyOffice and Collabora allows several people to work collaboratively on the production of a Nextcloud document within the Jalios Digital Workplace.

This module is developed by Kozao.

Learn more about Kozao.