6 good reasons to participate in the Jalios Digital Summit 2018


1) Deepen your knowledge of the Digital Workplace and Collaborative

Your ambition is to understand the tools that will allow you to offer everyone a digital workspace and more collaboration? The Jalios Digital Summit aims to give you the keys to a successful collaborative and Digital Workplace project.

2) Participate in several interactive workshops

This year, the Jalios Digital Summit is offering more than 15 workshops that will allow you to benefit from the advice of experts in digital transformation, collaboration, knowledge management and more.


3) Enjoy authentic user feedback

Discover our thematic sessions that address current topics that are at the heart of organizations' concerns. These round tables are based on the feedback from public and private organizations that have successfully transformed their digital environment.

4) Meet the partners of this day

Several integration partners of the Jalios solution have renewed their participation in the Jalios Digital Summit: ASI, Digiwin (TRSb group), Eolas (Business & Decision group), Klee Group, Keyrus, Spectrum Group, Wide (Micropole) and Wisen. Feel free to meet them on the Partner Area so that they can guide you in the implementation of your digital projects.

5) Discover the Jalios solution

The Jalios Digital Summit is also an opportunity to discover JPlatform and its rich functionality. You will have the opportunity to attend demonstrations of the solution and learn more about its latest innovations.

6) Networkez with the Jalios ecosystem

With more than 300 participants expected, the Jalios Digital Summit is an excellent way to make inspiring encounters. Conviviality and sharing are the key words of this day!



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