What are the stakes for the implementation of a Digital Workplace ?

Maxime Poux, Head of Communications at Ginger CEBTP, shares his vision of the transition from a traditional communications intranet to a new digital work environment and how they addressed these issues: making the intranet accessible outside the workplace? Visibility of data? How to federate employees around this new tool?

The four main challenges in setting up a Digital Workplace at Ginger CEBTP are :

  • A top-down, cross-functional communication tool
  • Management of document space between collaborators
  • A corporate social network
  • Collaborative spaces

"Our sources of satisfaction with Jalios lie in 2 main points, the quality of the product and the support of our employees." - Maxime Poux

Interview conducted during the Jalios Digital Summit in Paris La Défense on November 15, 2018.

*It is possible to display the english subtitles in the video settings


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