The collaborative Intranet at the service of KM

Agathe Claude, Knowledge Management Project Manager at Keolis, presents the Keolis group's collaborative platform.

Keolis' needs were based on an operational objective to be able to disseminate information, references, feedback and group messages to all employees throughout the group.

The Keolis Keosphere platform has two main uses:

  • Mass distribution of documents and messages.
  • Use of collaborative functionalities (recommendations, forum, comments, etc.) to distribute individualised messages and thus create knowledge within the group.

"What I like about Jalios? It's the technical solution that adapts to our corporate strategy in terms of knowledge management and not the other way round, which was essential for us" notes Agathe Claude.

Interview conducted during the Jalios Digital Summit in Paris La Défense on November 15, 2018.


*It is possible to display the english subtitles in the video settings


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