Webinar Digital Workplace

The 7 features that punctuate the daily life of my Digital Workplace

During our previous webinar, you discovered why it was essential to set up a Digital Workplace in your company.

In this webinar, we offer you a focus on the 7 main functionalities that punctuate an employee's daily life on a Digital Workplace: recommendations, requests, agenda, tasks, collaborative, document repository, applications or even processes and requests... all from a single dedicated platform!

  • How can I be asked for content by my colleagues? How to receive alerts?
  • How to organize my daily events?
  • How can I have a 360° view of all my tasks?
  • How to work in a team? How to exchange in a community?
  • How do I use the reference documents in my work?
  • How can I have centralized access to all my applications?
  • How to make and follow my requests?

DATE: 20 September at 11.30 am



Conference given by Jean-Michel Lambert, Before Sale, Jalios

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