Logilec (E.Leclerc)

Logilec (E.Leclerc)

Collaborative intranet

  • Since 1996, LOGILEC has been offering and implementing innovative logistics optimization solutions for the E.Leclerc Group.
  • Through its 3 businesses - transport, logistics, EDI - LOGILEC aims to organize and control the supply chain.
  • Each year LOGILEC is 60 000 trucks on the roads, 350 000 parcels delivered in stores, 110 000 internet orders distributed, 4 million orders transmitted to suppliers by EDI, 25 million dematerialized invoices.

Challenges: Developing an ergonomic Digital Workplace to work together effectively

Logilec has decided to create a new collaborative platform to best meet its needs. This project is part of a true vision of Digital Workplace. Logilec called on ASI to implement its new intranet with the Jalios JPlatform 9 solution and in particular by applying agile methods.

Solution : Une nouvelle Digital Workplace agile et évolutive

Thanks to a very intuitive user interface, the new Intranet, called "Armen", was quickly adopted by all staff, without any specific training or operating procedures.

Indeed, this tool has encouraged communication between employees and the capitalisation of knowledge: each employee can create content (wiki) and easily share his own knowledge (operating modes, processes...). This contributes to the motivation and appreciation of the staff.

With the objective of enriching its digital workplace, Logilec plans to evolve this collaborative platform in order to take advantage of the new native features of the latest version of the Jalios solution.



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"I am proud to have succeeded in setting up this project very quickly and to have a very operational tool that perfectly meets our needs"

Elena Henaff, Head of HR and Communication Logilec

Logilec (E.Leclerc)

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