Logilec (E.Leclerc)

Logilec (E.Leclerc)

Collaborative intranet

  • Since 1996, LOGILEC has been offering and implementing innovative logistics optimization solutions for the E.Leclerc Group.
  • Through its 3 businesses - transport, logistics, EDI - LOGILEC aims to organize and control the supply chain.
  • Each year LOGILEC is 60 000 trucks on the roads, 350 000 parcels delivered in stores, 110 000 internet orders distributed, 4 million orders transmitted to suppliers by EDI, 25 million dematerialized invoices.

A new Digital Workplace

Logilec has decided to create a new collaborative platform to best meet its needs. This project is part of a true vision of Digital Workplace. Logilec called on ASI to implement its new intranet with the Jalios JPlatform 9 solution and in particular by applying agile methods.

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