My life in a company without collaborative Intranet

Previously working as a communications and marketing assistant in a large company, I am about to take on a new challenge as an internal communications manager in a new company.
Ready for this new adventure, I am nevertheless apprehensive: the fact that I can no longer evolve with a collaborative intranet.
I start my first day without too many expectations and quickly realize that all the tools that animated my daily life are no longer available. Very quickly when an assignment was assigned to me, I imagine how I would have approached it with the collaborative intranet.
I realize that the "newcomer path" I had been able to follow in my old company, had helped me on simple questions but still important for a start. A route contains guides; these guides define the steps to pass to validate the entire route.

bb-parcours nouvel arrivant 

This last one contained obvious but essential information at the time of the arrival in a company. These included how to enter the building, how the medical examination was conducted or how to make a leave request. All this information was at hand. This allowed him to create a kind of autonomy in his rather pleasant learning.
I have an HR question about taking my leave. But I prefer not to go ahead and disturb our HR directly in his office. At that moment the webchat would have allowed me to start an instant discussion with him, in order to take note of his availability.
Quickly, my manager entrusts me with my first missions, I hastily grab my flap to take notes and concentrate a maximum to assimilate all the information in order not to ask for them again. At this point, nostalgia wins me over by thinking back to my old task manager. I could have an overview of all my tasks, with their dates, put comments on them or receive comments from my colleagues on them. I could also insert documents concerning this task, assign observers or officials to it.

mes taches 

At the end of the brief, I realize that I have to update a document. Unfortunately, even searching the server, it was impossible to find him. I then send an email to my manager asking for help... His response is with an unupdated version, due to a lack of communication between former members.
I then try as best I can to find the old information on the network and other to update the document. In my distress, I again have the flash of one of my favorite tools: the Jdrive. This tool allows you to keep your working documents up-to-date wherever you are and to work on them, even offline.
After completing my document, I start preparing my internal communication plan for the company. Despite its average size, I realize that several tools are essential to the company in order to create synergy and improve internal communication. I imagine a JMag, a collaborative monitoring tool. It allows everyone to share articles, sites and more generally web pages. It gives everyone the opportunity to discuss and debate market news or simply to be up to date.
I very quickly conclude that I must organize a meeting with my managers in order to start a new and not the least project: the approach of a more effective collaborative work that will necessarily lead us to a digitalization of our tools.
However, in the momentum of my enthusiasm, I realize that it will be complicated to organize this meeting without everyone's availability before my eyes.

I am already thinking of using an event planner that would allow us to create a survey, where all members concerned could inform their availability. This makes it possible to instantly visualize the ideal niche for everyone.

planificateur d'event 

In the meantime, a concrete reflection must be made on how to collaborate effectively. Here, I think I know a company that holds this creed...

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