Have you ever thought of joining a software publisher?

You work for an ESN and you have questions about your career. Why not join a publisher? What opportunities do they offer? Perhaps it's time for you to study the issue and seize an opportunity.

Can you have a career in technology at an ESN?  

You work in a computer service company, an ESN as they say now. You have learned the "trade", different technologies and you have discovered one or more sectors.  team-work-it-companyYou would like to remain in the technical field but the only career perspective would be to take responsibility by becoming project manager and then manager and it is not your thing to manage time in Excel. You could also become a commercial, but it would take you even further away from what you love. There is still the option to join the IT management of a client company but it is a bit random.
There must be a team of architects in your service company. They're experimenting with cool technos. They sometimes intervene like superheroes to save projects that go wrong. But there are few places and most of the time they are far from concrete because they only intervene to answer big calls for tenders.
And then there are things you don't like. You feel like a mercenary with no homeland. You don't think you're recognized. And above all the work is often sloppy not to exceed the men x days allocated to the projects.
You are ready to take an interest in the opportunities that publishers offer: they are not yet very numerous in France but there are and they are worth it.

What jobs do publishers like Jalios offer?  


R&D developer positions enable you to build a career of excellence: the longer you stay the 

more valuable you are thanks to your accumulated knowledge. The team's goal is innovation: it's exciting to change users' lives. For example, chAvecez Jalios is more than 1 million users that you will help to work better together effectively. And then, R&D focuses on the quality of developments, ergonomics, performance, safety... 

If you are passionate about technology and innovation, you will thrive. It doesn't matter if you don't have easy contact. However, you must be able to present your ideas clearly and enjoy joining a team in a cooperative spirit.

Consultant positions in the Professional Services team allow for in-depth functional and technical expertise. Indeed, you sometimes work directly with clients but you mainly work with integration partners: it is up to you to train them, assist them and also assist them when they encounter difficult questions. To succeed you can count on a team where mutual aid is permanent. And then the goal is customer satisfaction. It's gratifying.
If you like both technique and relationships, you will find the balance you are looking for. You should be aware that you will sometimes manage several projects in parallel. You will discover many companies but your real family will be the publisher's team of consultants.



The pre-sales consultants join the sales team and deepen the functional aspects. On the one hand, you help clients  validate the solution's adequacy with their needs through presentations, demonstrations, evaluation grids, models ("Proof Of Concept" ("POC"), and support. And on the other hand you go back to R&D market expectations. The objective of the pre-sales team is crucial in the etymological sense: at the crossroads of supply and demand. 
If you like to dialogue, understand, convince and even seduce, this type of job is for you. Relational skills are predominant but to be confident and relatively autonomous, a solid technical background is essential.


Support consultants join the corrective maintenance team. You participate in solving problems encountered by customers or integrator partners. In some organizations, you are asked to check the problem and then push it to R&D for resolution. At Jalios you analyze the problems and try to find a solution or a workaround, you work in relation with R&D and if you offer them patches, they love it! It's stressful at first to have someone worried because there's a big bug but it's also very rewarding when the problem is solved.
If you have a good analytical mind, a solid technical background and you are rather Zen, this position will allow you to develop your experience. Good drafting is needed to ensure full mutual understanding. You have to know how to put yourself in the client's shoes and sometimes you also have to know how to answer no to certain requests.
There are other roles: consulting consultant (Customer Success Manager), product manager, Customer Experience Manager, not to mention sales functions: business engineers, business developer, partnership manager, marketing...
Roles vary from publisher to publisher and also over time, depending on the organization. What is important to remember is that there are broad possibilities for evolution that have in common technical excellence.


Jalios is recruiting many profiles: R&D engineers, consultants, IT technicians, sales...

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