Live my life during the strike

The SNCF strike began on 3 April. The first questions about the consequences of this large-scale strike arrived very quickly: how will daily commutes as well as business trips and holidays take place? Jalios offers you a solution to all these concerns by providing a complete tool that facilitates teleworking.
As far as I am concerned, my Easter weekend in Spain was put at risk with the announcement of the strike calendar falling on the same dates. I still had a little hope that my train would not be cancelled... And yet the verdict comes a few days before my departure for Bordeaux to continue to Spain, I learn that my return train will be cancelled and that no other train will run all day.


Currently a marketing assistant at Jalios, I take the news calmly because my daily work tool, the Jalios Digital Workplace, allows me to anticipate.
I then postpone the dates of my return ticket and plan to telework in Bordeaux. All this logistics done, I can finally go on vacation peacefully.
Back from my 3 days in the sun in Spain, nothing can spoil my post-vacation enthusiasm. I move into a friend's apartment in Bordeaux and connect to the platform. I find the business social network activity flow of all my colleagues who have worked in my absence and consult the most urgent tasks assigned to me.
I can also find in one click thanks to my (Restricted access link) , the articles of my colleagues which I had not had time to read before my departure. This module, JReading gives the opportunity to easily add content to its playlist.


However, being as close as possible to the team is very important to me. So I start a video conference with my manager for our "one to one" meeting with our webchat and ask for more details about some new things that took place in my absence. Very quickly, a brief is made to me on the activities in progress, which allows me to take more easily the moving train without bad pun.
We have recently launched our new website and important changes are taking place daily on it.
In my current tasks, from our task manager, I have to publish a blog post, however I still have some doubts about formatting, specifically how to create a button.
Fortunately, we got into the habit of making guides for each step that would require some knowledge.
I therefore make by my uncertainties to my colleagues who quickly recommend me a route that contains all the guides, allowing me to understand how to contribute on the website.

2018-04-30 164339

 I continue my work starting with Community Management. The JDrive (which allows you to keep your working documents up to date wherever you are and to be able to work on them, even offline), gives me and one of my colleagues the opportunity to share interesting articles of the moment on an Excel file and to recommend them to us via the platform. I thus have the opportunity to catch up in terms of news, to validate and disseminate the latest articles remotely on social networks.

screen idée tweet 

I take this opportunity to share all this with my colleagues in our JMag application, a collaborative monitoring tool. It allows everyone to share articles, sites and more generally web pages.
In the end, the strike did not have any resounding impact on my work thanks to our collaborative intranet which allowed me to live a working day like the others but at a distance.


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