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A number of tools are available to manage your tasks on a daily basis: so much so that choosing a solution is far from obvious. Of course, there is something to suit every taste, and every product makes the same promises: efficiency, productivity, time-saving, ad infinitum! Testing those claims means deploying yet another tool and raises questions around how effectively tools can be integrated with the other tools that your organisation uses.

In pursuing its strategy of developing an all-in-one solution, transforming the collaborative intranet into a Digital Workspace, Jalios’s aim is to offer its customers a single solution to manage their to-do lists, share their documents, assign work to colleagues, and monitor the progress of a project.

Jalios will therefore shortly be offering a universal task manager, enabling anybody to create, manage, plan and assign simple tasks with ease – as well as project tasks or process-driven tasks, giving you a 360-degree view of all tasks that need to be performed.


A simple, tailored user interface

Imagine that, when you arrive at the office, you catch up on the projects and tasks that are ongoing before starting your workday.

The interface offers three views:


  • An overview of all your tasks and those you have assigned to others.

You can filter this view based on priority, task name, project, due date, persons involved, and so on.

mes taches assignees od 

  • Project view in the form of a Kanban-type table

This view brings together all tasks within a single project, showing their progress (“To do”, “In progress”, “Complete.”)  This mini progress workflow can be modified (adding columns, moving or renaming items, and choosing different colours). You can quickly apply filters based on task owner, tasks in progress, delayed tasks, and so on …

taches vue dun projet 

Easily create and manage your to-do list

As a marketing manager, I am responsible for managing several projects: organising events, managing press releases and blogs, and the marketing budget. In short, managing each task makes my life easier, and I use task view to and filter my daily tasks, allowing me to quickly see what my priorities are for the day. I can change one task, add a description or a comment for a co-worker who will be notified automatically, change the due date, link it to a project (or remove the link), set reminders, assign it to one of my team (who will be notified as a result), and so on. It’s also possible to add a document that’s saved on the intranet in a comment or to the task description.

At any time, I can very quickly add a task from the rapid entry zone. This is easier than with some other tools, which cause you to waste more time than you save. For example, when pulling together a list of tasks for my team, I create the task, set its due date and assign it to my colleagues – while the task autocompletes their names for me. If it is a recurrent task, it will renew automatically.

Assigned tasks

It’s easy for me to see the status of the tasks that I’ve assigned to my team and I can follow them up if I need to. I can easily create a task from the Excel spreadsheet that I’ve just published for my colleague to approve. My colleague is notified and, if he needs any explanations, we can discuss the issues via comments on the task and, once he’s finished his work on the task, I’ll be notified as well. This saves a lot of time and makes us all more effective!

When I want to get my boss involved in the project, I notify him by sending a suggestion. He can then convert this suggestion into a task for himself or can assign it to one of his team.

Project templates

If, like me, you deal with regular, recurring projects such as organising client events, or meetings with customers or suppliers, the ability to copy a project will save you time. You can start a new project by copying a similar project, which recreates all the tasks in the projects and reassigns them to the team. All you have to do is specify the new due dates. You can therefore put together a project list template: yet another way to save time and allow you to concentrate on what really matters.


Your tasks and projects, wherever and whenever you want

Before arriving at the office or the destination of your business trip, I can check the status of my tasks. Effectively, I can access the tasks and project view on my smartphone. At any time, I can view my tasks and see which are in progress, assigned or completed, as well as my projects.  I can edit them, change the due date, or complete them with a single click. I can also move a task between columns within the same project.

vue smartphone 

Do more, in less time

I am delighted with Jalios’s approach, which involves using our own tools to enhance the way we work. With this universal task management, promises are kept, saving time and increasing productivity by doing more, better, and in less time.

It was really very simple to learn to use the task management tool. On the other hand, I learned a few little tips thanks to the help facilities and I shared my best practices in the same way.

I will shortly be presenting the help and social learning features, which really encourage the adoption of new tools as well as knowledge sharing. See you soon for the next episode…

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