Jalios partners with FranceConnect

Le Chesnay, 24 April 2018 – Jalios, France’s leading software publisher in the Digital Workplace and collaborative working is proud to announce that it has obtained certification from FranceConnect, which is system of identification and authentication offered by the French Government to simplify the process of accessing remote online services.

Jalios, providing access over FranceConnect

CP 1FranceConnect is a system, developed by ANTS, the National Secure Title Agency and offered by the central government, to make it easier to connect with online services. It enables FranceConnect users, who may be individuals or businesses, and who must also have an account with French public-sector websites such as the tax authority Impots.gouv.fr, Ameli.fr for health insurance, or La Poste, the French post office, to log in via the Jalios platform. This could include the website of their local municipality, built on the Jalios solution – by clicking on the FranceConnect button. Once they have entered the username and password for the selected account, they are automatically identified and authenticated by the Jalios website. They can then browse throughout all sites that feature a FranceConnect button without having to log in again.

Originally developed by Benoît Moraillon, deputy CIO responsible for digital high schools and innovation in the Brittany region, the module was distributed using an MIT Open Source licence by the Breton regional government and incorporated by Jalios. The code is hosted on GitHub and distributed via Jalios Community. It is compatible with JCMS 9, the previous version, as well as the current JPlatform 10.

CP 2 
Jalios clients who implement the module will, therefore, benefit from a faster way to certify their environment when implementing their official websites.
The launch of the FranceConnect module is accompanied by the simultaneous distribution of the SocialAuthentication 1.2 module, on which it depends.

Benefits of logging in with FranceConnect

  • Faster recognition: thanks to FranceConnect, connected to the Jalios website, populations – both businesses and individuals – are identified by all online services using their existing accounts,
  • Simplified browsing: users can browse all websites with a FranceConnect button without having to log in again.
  • No new accounts: there is no longer any need to memorise multiple usernames and passwords and juggle with a plethora of different digital identities.
  • Security: FranceConnect does not store personal data, and users are notified by e-mail each time their account is used to log in.

A comprehensive catalogue of applications

This module adds to an already long list of modules available for Jalios and strengthens its position as an integration platform. “To meet the needs of our existing clients and prospective customers, the Jalios solution has always been open, interoperable, and extendable,” commented Jasmine Derons, Director or Marketing and Communications for Jalios. “As such, our application catalogue, available via our Community website is regularly updated with a wide variety of modules and third-party components to offer a plethora of collaboration and communications tools that meet an extremely diverse range of needs, including Skype, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Evernote and Universign.”


Find both modules on Jalios Community:

And Jalios referenced on the FranceConnect website : 


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