JReading, to read its contents at any time!

Having trouble finding your way into your daily information flow? Jalios offers you a tool that will allow you to have a playlist available at any time. Discover JReading!


On a Digital Workplace like JPlatform, a lot of information circulates. And it is sometimes difficult to read the entire flow of information. An activity on the wall or a recommendation from a colleague often deserves to stop there, but for lack of time this is not the case, the current task is continued and we forget to return to it. This is why Jalios now offers the JReading module (playlist).
This module allows you to easily add content to your playlist using a content action. We find the marked contents either directly the sidebar accessible to the click on the photo.


The playlist is also available in a new JPlatform10 application with various filters.


An alert is also sent weekly to warn that content is still waiting to be read.

In conclusion, this new feature brings several benefits:

  • You can stay focused on your current task while keeping interesting content in a dynamic list.
  • You save time by reading this content whenever you want (transport, queue,...) using Smartphone access.


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