JPlatform brings new improvements to its SP1 version

After the release of version 10 SP1 ( Service Pack 1) of Jalios, JPlatform brings new improvements. Here are the main novelties to discover.

Easily drag images into your text

A first improvement aims to simplify the addition of images during the contribution.
It is now possible to paste copied images into the clipboard or simply drag an image into the text fields.
This is available for rich texts often used in editorial content, but also in text fields that are used for microblogging, comments or short descriptions.
In a concern for capitalization that is intrinsic to the Jalios platform, these images are stored as a medium. They can therefore be renamed, classified and reused easily.

Blog Jplatform SP1 - Images textes       Blog Jplatform SP1 - Images textes 2         

Edition by section

To make it easier to edit long rich text fields, editing can now be done by section. The contributor accesses the section he wants to edit.

Blog Jplatform SP1 - Section 


The design of the pages evolves in Jalios. It is now possible to build a page entirely or to modify an existing page using the mouse by simple drag and drop. Of course, standard portlets and specifically developed portlets remain available. This new mechanism facilitates the graphical management of Jalios platforms, now managed without development, even for complex page structures. This new system also adds new functionalities, such as the management of display conditions and animations. If needed and for more technicians, specific javascript code or CSS/LESS styles can be added. This allows them to quickly overload the appearance without having to intervene on the server files.

Blog Jplatform SP1 - altea        Blog Jplatform SP1 - altea 2 


News templates

"Iteration Request" portlet templates, used to display lists, have been modernized. A new template using maps has also been added.

Blog Jplatform SP1 - gabarits 1             Blog Jplatform SP1 - gabarits 2 

Blog Jplatform SP1 - gabarits 3


PDF Template

A PDF Template system dynamically generates PDF documents based on data from Jalios information. This system is used, for example, in the generation of certificates following successful quizzes or learning pathways.

Blog Jplatform SP1 - template

 JWT Authentication 

JPlatform 10 SP1 natively incorporates a new JWT token authentication mode (JSON Web Token RFC 7519). This new standard describes a way to securely exchange information between third-party tools.
Jalios uses JWT tokens to offer an additional authentication solution and facilitate the integration of JPlatform in the Information System. Like the other Jalios modules of SSO, it aims to avoid the user having to re-authenticate on the various applications.



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