Collaborative Intranet

  • EDF R & D is a network of players in the Industrial Computer and Command Control
  • Turnover of 71.2 billion euros including 662 million euros of research and development budget in 2016
  • 154 845 employees in 2016

The need

EDF's R&D division works with a network of computer science and control-command players including experts, researchers, industrial architects, engineers, buyers and operators who share information and knowledge via a collaborative site based on a proprietary technology. As EDF continued to expand its business across Europe and internationally, the shortcomings of this existing technology started to become evident: it is not multilingual, it does not support workflows or simple collaboration using any Web browser. EDF R&D therefore decided to renovate its existing application with the goals of enhancing the division's reactivity to the company's needs and facilitating interchange between its "I2C2" community members working all over the world.

The solution

EDF chose the Jalios content management tool since it provides collaborative spaces. It can manage the entire information life cycle (including feedback) in the sharing and distribution processes involved in the extended enterprise's projects.

Jalios solution is now helping to demonstrate the value of I2C2 research work within the EDF Group and has reinforced the synergies between I2C2 members and improved the reactivity of R&D teams.

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