Knowledge base

  • Japanese cosmetics group and world-renowned luxury goods
  • First Japanese group to offer Western beauty product lines.
  • More than 2,000 product references

Shiseido International France Group has selected Jalios solution and PolySpot Enterprise Search to formalize and capitalize knowledge.


Shiseido, whose origins date back to 1872, is a Japanese cosmetics group and world-renowned luxury goods. It was the first Japanese company to offer Western beauty product lines.

With many packaging lines and more than 2,000 product references, Shiseido International France embarked on an experience capitalization approach.
The company realized that in view of the very strong growth in the volume of information produced every year by its employees, it became imperative to formalize the knowledge to better use and share it.

In September 2009, Shiseido International France launches a collective intelligence project supported by the General Management.


The first major phase of the project was to identify the needs of upstream different services concerned by involving them in a participatory approach to information gathering about their expectations and their uses.

The project scope includes the development of search engine PolySpot Enterprise Search in Jalios tool Jalios with fine integration.
The portal Jalios mainly provides the following features:

  • Sharing and knowledge capitalization;
  • Ergonomic and Collaborative Editing structured documents;
  • Management of rights;
  • Validation process to ensure the quality of information and monitoring of readers;

Increasingly at the heart of business concerns, collective intelligence is one of the challenges Shiseido International France has successfully met by building a strong strategy management and sharing of knowledge.
By the capitalization of its know-how, Shiseido International France accelerates its competitiveness and maintain core values ​​that differentiate its market.

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