CCI Côtes d'Armor

CCI Côtes d'Armor

Collaborative Extranet

  • Public Establishment of the State with an administrative Character
  • 165 employees, 1 M€ budget in 2016
  • Represents 20,000 companies in the department

An innovative platform for facilitating networks of partners and members, ...


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cotes d'Armor is a public institution of the state administrative body, ecobiz-accueilwhose purpose is to represent the interests of commercial, industrial and service department.

It is funded by companies run by business leaders elected by their peers to represent the 20,000 companies of the department.

In everyday life, its action results in assisting companies in their entire phase of their development; the "project owners" creators or taking over businesses, managers and their employees in a single purpose business performance.

KICs form every year 500,000 students, apprentices, trainees, first qualification levels to business schools or engineering (540 training institutions).

In addition, the ICC manages the equipment useful for economic development enterprise: fishing ports, commercial ports, some marinas, the fish markets (auction markets), ship repair platforms, airports Armor Saint-Brieuc and Lannion.

Needs and goals

The device Ecobiz, initiated by the CCI of Grenoble and developed in several ICC today, aims to promote the networking of economic actors of a territory, through the animation of communities of interest and practice; or business networks, or economic actors.

To meet the new needs of their members and modernize the aging Ecobiz historic platform, the ICC wished to acquire 22 new collaborative platform tool. The objectives of the new platform Ecobiz are numerous:

  • Promote the sharing of experiences and knowledge, exchange and dissemination of information, knowledge capitalization, the development of professional networks ....
  • Foster collaboration between members, experts and partners Ecobiz network to better capitalization and dissemination of content and experiences.
  • Offer new generations of leaders of a talk and standby tool adapted through Information Technology.
  • Open the accompaniment of ICC leaders and their staff to support the company's performance.
  • Redirect assignments to employees of the group support
  • Continue to-face approach (reporting, videos, reports, docs ..)
  • Give a network service tool to accelerate the sharing of experiences between companies and allowing them to break their isolation.


CCI has chosen the solution and Jalios Micropole for implementation:

  • Response to the will of sharing between different CCI
  • Good customer references
  • Proven and controlled solution
  • Ergonomic solution, easy to use and scalable to meet 90% of short and medium-term needs
  • Appropriate solution in terms of constraints, particularly in terms of rights management and security
  • Integrator listening and responsive, able to meet milestones and a very short time: 4.5 months
  • Professionalism of the development team that has not been in default

The project took place in several stages: needs analysis, drafting of technical specifications, establishing a platform for production and development, configuration and specific developments in batches. The main gate was opened after 4.5 months, followed three weeks later by the collaborative spaces.

The portal offers made on the one hand a space of public communication and the other collaborative areas for members. Most of these are run by CCI employees: international development, industrial performance, human resources & management, trade, sustainable development, Web ... These first communities involve 1,400 members.


Visitors benefit from new services such as social networks. They appreciate the ergonomics and ease of use. Navigation simple, modern graphics, user-friendly ergonomics, contribute to quick access to information. The increase in visits and number of visitors is sensitive. The ICC has recruited new partners and new members. Companies join the Ecobiz concept.

Animators can get on with their job because their tasks "webmaster" are reduced. The next step will be to develop new communities and recruiting new members. The platform will be offered to regional partners and other ICC.

Britain Ecobiz is:

  • 1700 members
  • Nearly 200 meetings each year
  • 1200 documentary resources
  • 15 communities animated by ICC of Côtes d'Armor
  • 6 external communities

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