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  • Owner and manager of the national network since 1997, SNCF Réseau is a major player in the French rail market
  • 53,000 employees in 2017
  • SNCF Réseau develops, modernises and markets access to the rail network, implements the national policy for the deployment of new lines and organises fair and efficient access to the French rail network (30,000 km of lines).

Passerelles, a simple and user friendly intranet including communication, collaboration and ESN...

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A fluid and simple use of intranet

Passerelles, the new intranet RFF aims to be an enterprise portal dedicated to employees and service providers, that users access for information and to work together. It must meet the dual objectives of the management company in the information and development of collaborative work.

In summary, the establishment of the new intranet must allow to offer new services based on the following three areas:

  • Offer a simple and user-friendly content publishing solution to communicate better
  • Provide the employee collaborative applications to streamline and enrich their daily work
  • Give the user a unique and ergonomic point of access to its contents, documents and applications

A friendly and ergonomic solution

Réseau Ferré de France has chosen to use the solution Jalios as the new portal base. TRSB Wyniwyg was chosen for the integration of the solution.

The functional completeness Jalios and ease of use, both in the setting and implementation of a graphic than everyday use by employees have made Jalios the tool appropriate to the context.

Finally, the standard deployment directory, collaborative spaces and CSR has brought more immediately to the new intranet compared to its predecessor.

"Jalios has provided the most homogeneous solution in terms of intranet portal and collaborative knowing that ESN part, we did not want a Newsgator extension for SharePoint and OpenText was not mature our eyes on the ESN part as Liferay."

Thomas Prudhommes, Project Manager of SI collaborative anda Documentary


After six months of activity, Passerelles has 2744 members, 25 business areas, about 150,000 hits per month.

RFF for the launch of the new intranet gateways was a success on both the appearance and usability of communication and collaborative practices. The intranet has again become a real central point of communication within RFF.

Download the article in Journal du Net "RFF puts the enterprise social networking at the heart of its intranet"

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