Collaborative intranet

  • International leader in the chemical industry
  • Present in over 40 countries on 4 continents
  • Present in numerous industries


COVENTYA develops and supplies Specialty Chemicals products for surface treatment in over 40 countries on 4 continents.
The Group provides a full range of products used in numerous industries, ranging from automotive to the oil industry through the building, the IT and fashion.

A strategic solution to enhance group cohesion

The new intranet was designed to meet the different needs of all Group employees. To know:

  • Managing communication flow between users of the intranet in order to develop a collective identity within the Group
  • Reduction of the number of emails and improving the traceability of information
  • Accumulation of information exchanged between users, which should be easier to find & access.

Multilingual and mobile intranet

The integration of Jalios solution- Small Business Edition has been entrusted to our partner UPS, expert integration of web 2.0 collaboration solutions.

Jalios was able to meet the various expectations of Coventya, providing a real communication tool, multilingual (8 languages) to the various company departments.

The information is centralized and allow for example the technical sales COVENTYA to quickly find answers to their questions when they are customers, thanks to the forums on which shared the best practices, products information, returns to experience of their colleagues, etc.

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