IDEA Group

IDEA Group

Collaborative Intranet

  • Recognized provider of logistics Industrial Supply-Chains
  • 1 000 employees in 37 countries in 2016
  • The Group is investing in a global dynamic of "digitizing" of the company


Looking to the future, IDEA Group has experienced great changes in almost a century of history. During its history, the group has been able to build strong assets that makes it stronger today.

The Fraternal MTTM, born in 1919 in Saint-Nazaire, a specialist in port handling bulk is behind IDEA Group.

From 1945, and it has not stopped since, the Group invests in real estate for the development of its logstiques platforms.

In the years 1980-1990, the Group develops its storage tools and initiates a real know-how in food processing and industrial bulk logistics.

The 2000s marked a turning point:

  • The Group confirms to its customers its expertise in port container, general activities and its marine engineering offer.
  • It is firmly positioned as an industrial logistics of the last kilometer. It develops its offer transportation, and an offer packaging and crates.
  • It extends geographically and today has 35 sites offices.
  • In 2012: MTTM the group changes its name to IDEA Group. A new page of its history is written as recognized provider of logistics industry specifically supply-chains.

Digitalise your company and strengthen internal communication through Jalios


The activities of the company and its target market are manifold. The 950 employees of the group are divided into several business units / subsidiaries on 35 websites.

geographical sites, which makes communication obvious.

Faced with this problem, IDEA Group decided to adopt the Jalios solution to enhance its internal communication and improve the flow and sharing of information between employees, geographically distant.

The IDEA Group invests in a global strategy of "digitalization" of the company with the creation of an innovative physical space, dedicated to employees, partners and customers, Open IDEA, based on Jalios digital platform.

The implementation of the solution was conducted in collaboration with a very active partner of Jalios, ASI, expert in web 2.0 collaboration solutions integration, which held a role:

  • Advice on the uses and functionality framing project
  • Design and implementation of graphic and ergonomic charter (and responsive design for mobile devices)
  • Integration and settings of the platform Jalios
  • Accompanying the change management.

A structured and simple tool for a more coherent result

The intranet allows users to :

  • Develop collaboration between the various entitiesof the Group
  • Set up a document repository (access to procedures, best practices ...)
  • Access the directory with an organizational view
  • Structuring the skills and expertise available from a multi-faceted research directory

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